Cry For Help

So Flash just randomly dropped by the same time John had decided to randomly drop by. Okay then. Plotting is difficult, apparently. It always amuses me how Batiuk just obviously thinks people know who this random minor characters are and that everybody just immediately recognizes them and is thrilled to see them back. I barely remembered who Flash even was and I have to be in the top 1% of people who give a crap about this strip. I like how Darin is just inviting people to make appearances at John’s store.
It’s fun how the artist made sure to get John’s creepy spiky gray hair and Pete’s eye bags just right, but barely drew a face on Mindy. I’m not even sure if what she has there technically counts as a nose.
This strip is more fun if you imagine Flash’s words as a little Easter egg expressing Batiuk’s desire to be done with all this.  It’s totally not necessary though, I mean, the entire strip gives off that vibe.


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9 responses to “Cry For Help

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Agree fully re: BatYak’s propensity toward dropping obscure characters into the strip out of nowhere. I mean I’m a SoSF regular and it took me a few ticks to remember this “Flash” asshole. Why did he just “drop by” in the first place? AK employs exactly four people, yet they have all the time in the world to yak, yap and bullshit around. Pete and Boy Lisa quit the movie business for this?

  2. Paul Jones

    And there’s another thing he got wrong. I’m pretty sure that in real life, he’d have been told about all of this long ago. If he makes the convention circuit, he’s for sure going to know about the free samples the industry is handing out in order to drum up interest.

  3. billytheskink

    Flash is truly lucky to be out of the business because otherwise he would have to work with these shmucks.

  4. Chester the Dog

    “Giving way free comic books” is redundant.

  5. The whole strip reminds me of an elderly man in a dusty room full of third-rate toys.

    “Oh, ColorForms! They were great! I remember I used to pretend that the horse was The Flash, the duck was Batman, and the frog was Green Lantern. The farm background was Central City, of course. I remember the days I used to spend redoing Flash #177 until I got the ending I wanted. Funny how no one was impressed.”