Jess Another Monday

A big tip of the SoSF coonskin cap to Beckoning Chasm for seeing us through the last couple weeks. Link to today’s strip

Slight scheduling change, TFH will be jumping in next Monday so you’re stuck with me this week! And if today’s strip is any indication we’ll be spending yet another week on the inner workings of the Fukyverse’s weirdest and least plausible marriage of them all, as well as seeing firsthand what will happen when a dimwitted force meets an unbelievably bland object. I mean it’s not like Jessica just got back from Iraq or Antarctica or something, she was only in California waiting for someone to ask her to film a documentary, so this magical airport reunion doesn’t really have the “emotional impact” Bat Ick probably thinks it does. Only the most devout FW reader would even realize they’d been apart, much less why.

Note how I failed to mention today’s punchline. I think that summarizes it better than any other insult or criticism could. “Airport pick-up”…just kill me now.


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9 responses to “Jess Another Monday

  1. billytheskink

    Passable strip that really needs some comic exaggeration to punch things up. Durwood doesn’t have to show up with a forklift to makes this punchline work, but it wouldn’t hurt to have him lift Jess more than 4 inches off the ground.

    Also, just say no to smirking oldsters.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I’m kind of surprised that he’s rolling with this arc for another week. I’m getting the feeling that Cindy and Jessica will be this year’s Boy Lisa and Pete and that this Butter Brinkle thing will be just like the Atomik Komix arc, with lots of tangential sub-arcs and such. It’s already mid-June, Brickel has already been the center of three or four weeks worth of strips and it hasn’t even actually started yet.

      Coming tomorrow: Darin tells Jessica it’s been great catching up but he has to go, as Pete is double parked and they have to get to the costume store to get measured for their matching Rip Tide outfits before the shop closes for the day. Jessica is conflicted and considers giving up documentarianism for good again until Cindy calls and reminds her that she ain’t getting any younger or “more fly”, as the kids today say.

  2. comicbookharriet

    That’s not Jessica. That’s some kind of partially shaved transspecies giraffe woman at the end of a long surgical transition to human.

  3. Paul Jones

    Great. Stillborn meet-cute dialogue from a peabrain with no romance in his soul. His idea of a wedding is dressing the bride up in a costume she doesn’t understand.


    What–you can travel from California to Ahia without doing it by car, or waiting to be invited along by an acquaintance/coworker, or having weeks of leadup/pointless planning? This is such a shocking development!

  5. Gerard Plourde

    As Epicus Domus points out, Jessica isn’t returning from some epic or extended journey. To make it even more ludicrous, the LA crowd including Jessica was just in Westview last month and a Jessica/Darin meeting shows up in the background of the Montoni’s-centered Sunday strip.

    Also, Skyler seems to have disappeared again.

  6. Professor Fate

    I thought the kid was okay. So why isn’t he here to greet his mom? Did Boy Lisa just forget and now Skyler is sitting on his grandmother’s couch, home made welcome home card for his mom in hand, with tears running down his face as he realizes, again, that neither his dad or his mother give a damn about him. I’d like to think so, it’s the romantic in me.

    • The Dreamer

      Batiuk is in a time warp. You cant meet anyone at the gate getting off a plane anymore. Certainly not at Cleveland Airport. Darrin would not be allowed past the metal detectors without a ticket

      • LTPFTR

        In a very slight defense of the creative genius (hahahahahahaha!), you can meet people at baggage claim, and that’s what is depicted.