Hello, I’m billytheskink and you’re not. Be thankful for that, too, as I’m doing two weeks time writing blog posts about Funky Winkerbean and the endless Butter Brinkel Battle (and you’re not).

Back to the… are we watching the documentary in today’s strip? Is that what these filmstrip borders mean?

The very late Valerie Pond was about to leave the studio that employed Brinkel when she met her untimely death. Is this factoid a red herring or a critical bit of evidence in this pointlessly re-opening case?

All good questions… with answers that I do not actually care about one bit. What I do want answered, though, is how you check guests against an invite list at a masquerade ball.


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17 responses to “Doc-whodunnit?

  1. billytheskink

    I’ll give Ayers this, Mayor/Ambassador Bozo The Clown is a pretty inspired masquerade ball costume choice. Certainly it beats Valerie Pond’s paper Mardi Gras mask and all of the costumes that fail to understand that the point of a masquerade ball costume is to cover your face.

  2. Jimmy

    The misplaced comma bothers me in this strip. Other than that, I can’t be bothered to care.

  3. comicbookharriet

    Putting money on the alcoholic chain smoking chimp being the murderer.

      • Epicus Doomus

        I can’t see a scenario where Zanzibar didn’t do it. Otherwise what was the point of a drunken chain-smoking monkey at all?

        Coming next week: a character no one knows about is revealed as the culprit for some reason no one can understand.

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Make sure Butter only gives you a glass of champagne, Valerie! Don’t let him give you the bottle!

  5. Paul Jones

    If I recall correctly, the last stupid motive for a murder in this strip was “Living Punchline cosplaying as a ficus didn’t (and still doesn’t) know who the victim was referring to when he used a pet name for someone and shot him down in the street for adultery when he was actually talking about watching his kid play.”

    We’re about to see an equally stupid and rage-inducing motive for killing a sitting duck female character: getting ahead at a man’s “expense.”

    • Gerard Plourde

      Given his usual slapdash approach, I’m apprehensive that while he thinks he’s done work worthy of Agatha Christie, the result wouldn’t even pass muster to qualify as a Scooby Doo episode.

      • “That’s Old Bill, our groundskeeper. We just hired him last week; don’t know much about him, except that he hates comic books–calls them ‘juvenile trash.'”

  6. ‘K soooo, “the starlet Valerie Pond” (and I just got that that was a play on Veronica Lake)…she’s the one who smacked him in the face with a pie last week? Her “disguise” is throwing me off.

    • LTPFTR

      I’m embarrassed how long it to me to get Les Moore is a play on less/more. But that means I don’t waste a lot of brainpower on thinking about the Funkiverse, so yay?

  7. Professor Fate

    Lord this story line is so irritating. One thing is the liberties it takes with history – the 1940’s were not know for this kind of excess – there was a war on don’t yah know. This sort of party is so 1920’s jazz age Hollywood that why he pushed this to the 40’s is utterly baffling.
    Nor were Million dollar salaries a thing – a quick look up shows that in 1937 the highest paid star (Gary Cooper) was getting about $370,000 a year not chicken feed then but not a million dollars.
    And of course we still know nothing about Butter as a person- or the soon to be a corpse Valerie.
    And I agree with the others, The Chimp did it. #zanzibardidit

    • Maxine of Arc

      I will regretfully give Batiuk this one. Million dollar contracts with a particular studio weren’t unknown even in the silent days. Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin – and indeed Fatty Arbuckle- had million dollar contracts, paid out in the form of a weekly salary and royalties over a number of years. (Marlon Brando became the first star to get a million dollars for one picture in 1962.)
      That said, obviously Maggie- I mean, the damn chimp did it. #zanzibardidit

    • Gerard Plourde

      I agree about the improbability of the extravagant lifestyle during WW2. Just another TomBa incongruity like Butter’s time jump from being a silent movie star to the a star at the height of the Hollywood era.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    Damn, Batiuk so obviously doesn’t do any editing at all, or have anyone do it for him. Why in the hell is “disguised” even there? It’s a masquerade ball. It’s a given that they’re wearing disguises. For a guy who calls his in-strip avatar the Lord of Language this is pretty crappy.