The Les You Know-Part 2

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Okay, so the “joke” today is that kids are stupid and don’t know what a newspaper is.   Pretty typical of the “jokes” he makes when the setting is high school.  What I don’t get is that the Bleat crew, who make in-school videos, are also going to be writing copy for the local paper?  Can they do this?  Do they have any training?  It should be obvious that writing for a newspaper is not the same as writing for broadcast; I guess Batiuk feels that some of the crew wear headphones, so that’s like a hat with a “PRESS” card in it, so they can do both.  Right?

A podcast is probably more the Bleat crew’s speed, though I question the value of putting it on the county fair’s website.  County fairs do their best to be colorful and eye-catching, so a video would probably be much better.  (I’m assuming the Bleat crew could make a competent one.)  My understanding is that a podcast is an audio file of people chatting.   Would visitor’s to a fair’s website, upon seeing “Westview High Podcast,” click so they could hear “Look at the lights on that Ferris wheel!”  “And these hot dogs are great, I’ve already had forty!”?


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16 responses to “The Les You Know-Part 2

  1. Doug Puthoff

    “My understanding is that a podcast is an audio file of people chatting.”

    Why would it not surprise me if Batiuk didn’t know what a podcast was?

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Oh…I get it. Ha ha, these kids today don’t even KNOW what the Westview Gazette is, because newspapers are old and outdated. Observations like these NEVER stopped being hilarious in 2002.

    Coming in 2069: Skyler Fairgood is exasperated upon discovering that his WHS students have never heard of Twitter.

    • timbuys

      And, even then, surely the Westview Gazette is online and, even if it wasn’t, how does it make sense that these knuckleheads are both so enthusiastic about, um, whatever the Bleat is that they would also be so apathetic as to be unaware of the local newspaper.

  3. Max Power

    And Mrs. Boy Lisa can mentor them to make a video documentary about the Fair. When the Crankshaft cast wheels decrepit 110 year old Crankshaft to the Fair for the Funkyverse Mega-Crossover Cindy can interview him about how he knew Butter Brinkel back in the 30s.

  4. billytheskink

    Westview has a newspaper?! They don’t even have a post office anymore. I guess full-page store closing liquidation sale ads must keep it going.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Local Jerk Says Goodbye To Tree

      Tornado Siren Frightens Local Veteran

      Empty Storefronts A Concern For Chamber Of Commerce

      Three years On, Coach Bushka Still Fine

    • Charles

      It’s amazing. Unlike Montoni’s and that damn school, none of the Westview alumni appears to work for this local paper. I would think it’d be as big a draw as any of the other businesses in town. But then the teacher is useless and the students leave the school as idiots so I suspect none of them are viable candidates.

      • comicbookharriet

        Careful! Don’t give him any ideas! Or pretty soon Chien will be back in the picture as a hard-nosed liberal danger-haired newspaper writer pointing out the hypocrisy of whitebread middle America.

        • Charles

          Fool! Chien’s been working at the Gazette since the very beginning of Act 3, and we haven’t seen her because Batiuk hasn’t shown anything about the Gazette until now. And since Mopey no longer needs a romantic interest, she’s put on 80 pounds. Since Batiuk no longer gives his characters personality, Chien has let her hair go back to its natural blonde. So she’s another interchangeable dumpy blonde. Plus, her newspaper will be inordinately interested in comic books and god damn Lisa’s story, running at least one story a week on each.

  5. Banana Jr. 6000

    FFS, a journalism student would know what a newspaper is.

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    Full disclosure, I’m 56 years old, so definitely not a millennial. A couple of days ago, a Crankshaft/Winkerbean type was NOT amused with me when he approached me asking for directions. I said, “A paper map! Wow, I haven’t seen one of those in years!” When he attempted to use a pen to trace the route I described to him, I said, “Hey, don’t draw on that! That’s a collector’s item!”

  7. Jimmy

    As a former professional journalist, this confrms my suspicion that there is no bottom for the industry. Rather, it is a bottomless pit.

  8. Paul Jones

    Well, two down, four more “Old Man Yells At Cloud Storage” strips to go. Today, it’s Batiuk not knowing what a podcast is so he can simper about today’s bad and stupid kids not knowing what a newspaper is. Tomorrow, it’s his invoking something else he has no idea what is to growl about not knowing what the US Mail is.

  9. comicbookharriet

    That podcast is going to be dreck to listen to.

    “So…um…yeah.” Long silence. “Bernie…. what did you think of the funnel cake?” Pause. “Did you like it? Did you try it with ice cream?”

    “Funny story about that. Did you know that since the funnel cake was cooked in an animal fat, I, as a Jew, could not have eaten it with ice cream due to kosher dietary restrictions?”

    Uncomfortable silence, sounds of Emily and Amelia tapping listlessly at their social media.

    “Not that I would have anyway, since I’m religiously vegan, and only culturally Jewish.”

    Logan sighs.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    The Lord of Language starts his sentences with “so”.

    I wonder if he uses “up talk” and vocal fry too? Does he call vegetables “veggies”? Does he “score” something instead of buying it? At a restaurant, does he say “I’ll do the egg white gluten free flaxseed organic berry breakfast Sammy” or does he say “ I’ll have the breakfast sandwich”?

    Does he drop the “t” sound if it occurs in the middle of a word so that mountain becomes moun-in?

    I wish I were deaf.

  11. Professor Fate

    The paper doesn’t want to pay anybody for this so they’ve decided to use you. Yeah you’ll be doing this for free but think of the exposure.