The Les You Know-Part 5

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I suppose it’s natural for Tom Batiuk to resent the decline of newspapers–they are, after all, his bread and butter.  And I can’t really argue with Les’ dismissal of Logan’s question–this crew has proven itself remarkably cretinous.  (How much of this can be laid at Les’ feet is a question studiously avoided.)  It still seems rather nasty-minded, though.

Plus, if they spend all their time on their smartphones and their Nintendos, being internuts and twitter tots, how are they going to know what a “gas station” is?

A high point is Bernie’s expression in panel two:  Whoah–you’re actually wanting to do extra work?  What’s wrong with you?


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12 responses to “The Les You Know-Part 5

  1. Doc

    The best he could come up with is a gas station? How about convenience store or bookstore, where they can also get their parents a lovely gift of all seven volumes of Lisa’s TrILLogy.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    It’s sort of rare when Dick Facey isn’t the most annoying thing about a Dick Facey arc. This newspapers gag is stretched thinner than a nanotube. I mean OK Tom, we f*cking get it, newspapers are old-fashioned now. No one beats a dead horse like Batiuk does, he pulverizes them into a watery mash then stomps through the puddle.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    But didn’t newspapers ruin Butter’s life? So shouldn’t we be glad nobody knows anything about them anymore?

  4. Gerard Plourde

    Wait! She knows what an “honor box” is but doesn’t know what a newspaper is?

  5. billytheskink

    Thatsnought is smirking?! Why is he smirking? Why is he giving Les the satisfaction? Ugh.

    I’d like to find this Les thingy in one of those cemetery thingies.

  6. Charles

    And this is the point where the students tell Les to go fuck himself and join Math League or the chess club or something.

    Seriously, the dude volunteers their free time for work they didn’t ask for and then continuously belittles them. Have some self respect, kids.

  7. Paul Jones

    Next comes his standing around looking stupid because they don’t like the waste involved in producing a daily edition of said thingies. After all, a week-long thingy in which everyone gets vague about the name thingy of an old bus driver thingy.

  8. Banana Jr. 6000

    This is like one of those “as seen on TV” commercials where they have to depict people as too stupid to make a salad, or put their clothes on, so as to need the gadget being advertised. “Where can I get one of those newspaper thingys?” Just call 1-800-whateveritis! Only $19.95! Act now! Operators are standing by!

    Sheesh, Tom, young people just don’t read newspapers. They’re not completely unfamiliar with the concept.

  9. Buckeye Feculence

    Well of course they don’t know where to buy a newspaper. Kids these days do all their shopping online and never go to a store and see newspapers for sale, right?

  10. timbuys

    Yeah, ever since we all switched over to electric cars, none of the kids these days will ever be able to share our collective nostalgia for the ol’ neighborhood gas station (definition of gas station being vaguely rooted in wistful memories of a full service station from the sixties).

  11. Professor Fate

    Hmmm – you know a gas station is not the first place I think of when I think of going to get a newspaper. And can any of these kids drive? It all makes very little sense.
    I’d like to imagine that right after this Les was told that he could go and intercourse himself in language a bit cruder.
    The only reason he keeps teaching is that a) that kill fee money wasn’t quite as much he thought, and the books sails are down or b) he’s a insecure tiny little human being who props up his pitiful sense of self worth by abusing people who have to put up with his garbage. – he’s the US version of the teacher in Pink Floyd’s the Wall.
    as a side note – I’m shocked that the Author hasn’t had a moment were Les is asked to autograph a kindle.