Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Maybe Chester recently learned he’s only got a few weeks to live? Why else would the one they called “the Chiseler suddenly acting so generous? If we’re talking about this particular cover, by “rights” it belongs to neither of them: Ruby admitted to having smuggled it out of her old place of work. I guess posession is nine tenths of the law.



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Reuniting people with stuff from their past is a really annoying trend within this strip. Cliff and his crappy ring (and Vera), Ruby and her shitty artwork, Bull’s head, Les and his dead wife…it’s always something with this BatIck guy. This makes less than no sense. Why wouldn’t he have just given her the artwork when he first hired her? It only occurred to him after he found out about the copyright? No sane human being thinks that way.

  2. Link seems to go to last Wednesday. But it was such a boring strip then, that I forgot what was in it anyway. And now that I’ve seen it again, I’ve forgotten it again.

  3. William Thompson

    Huh? She just sold it, and now he’s giving it back to her? If the picture meant so much to her, why was she willing to part with it? If she had to sell it for the money, why didn’t Pester say “Hold on, I can give you an advance on your salary”? If she believed she couldn’t keep it without exposing it to damage (mildew, sun exposure, humidity) why not get Pester to display it in the YAK offices under proper art-museum conditions?

    The big question: What’s the catch? Is Pester going to leer at her, crowd her against the wall and say “I want you to–serve me! Hot chocolate and fresh cookies! Right now, mommy!”

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Chester probably has a diaper fetish. Wouldn’t be surprised if Batty did too.

    • hitorque


    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Huh? She just sold it, and now he’s giving it back to her?

      I don’t think it’s 100% clear that this is the same piece of art Kitsch just gave Ruby the check for two weeks ago. It certainly could be, but Ruby only says “the piece I gave (to Kitsch), I had to sneak out.” Not necessarily that it’s the same one.

      And even if it is, there’s no drama to it. Ruby doesn’t say to Kitsch “I hated having to give you that” or “I needed the money” or “That had sentimental value” or anything that makes it meaningful for Chester to give it back. Maybe she wanted to get rid of it!

      Note also that Kitsch had to play along with this. During her little check game last week, she would have known Chester was the buyer.

      That on top of everything else that’s wrong with this whole icky scenario.

  4. billytheskink

    Of course Chester bought it. Since Holly finished Cory’s Starbuck Jones collection, I don’t think any character other than Chester has bought anything comics related.

    Also, did Miss American make it to a second issue? We’ve seen only a single image of the character from Ruby’s initial run from the sepia-tone days.

  5. William Thompson

    So why is the limo parked in the driveway by the front door, and not placed inside a garage? Is Chester’s driver as incompetent as his YAK staff?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    You know, at least when he introduced Cliff into the strip he gave him something of a back story. Old actor, blackballed, recluse for sixty years. It’s skimpy, but it’s WAY more than we know about Ruby Lith. Her entire back story is “old comic book artist” and that’s it. She’s not grumpy like Phil Holt, she’s not a communist like Cliff Anger, she isn’t even a drunken murder chimp like Zanzibar. She’s just an old comic book artist. And remember, comic book cover art is BatYam’s passion. Imagine if he was writing about something he didn’t care about either way. Then imagine how we’d be able to tell the difference because I’ll be damned if I know.

    • Maxine of Arc

      Not “even” a talking drunken murder chimp? “Even” the greatest character in the history of comix? I am barely even being sarcastic.

  7. Paul Jones

    If this is how Batiuk thinks things should work, no wonder he couldn’t get ahead in the industry. Chester used to have business sense when he was a low-grade antagonist.

  8. Charles

    I think I’ve mentioned here about how I felt that Batiuk believes that he has a lot of artistic cachet among comic strip writers because he’s the only guy who actually has terrible yet realistic things happen to his characters. He’s the only writer who would give one of his characters cancer, show the treatments and then kill her. (Did you know that Luann had a character with cancer? And all that happened was she wore a scarf for about 2 months and then was magically cured. Do you still wonder why you didn’t remember that?) Everyone else pulls their punches and rewards their characters. Batiuk’s the only guy to show that reality can be brutal and unforgiving.

    If that’s true, Batiuk’s completely destroyed the only thing that positively distinguished him from other comic strip artists. Now he has two absurd patrons, with unlimited wealth, who do nothing but reward his characters. Chester gives both Mopey and Darin, two of Batiuk’s favorite characters, dream jobs and never once expects or demands anything of them. He gives Ruby the copyrights to the characters she used to draw decades ago, and gives her her artwork which he owns, again, as gifts.

    Mason gives Cliff a job in a movie, and covers his rent for a year, for nothing. He digs up Cliff’s old costar who just so happens to be single and romantically interested in Cliff, so they marry. He agrees to make a film of Lisa’s Story, buying the rights from Les, but immediately ceding all control over the project to Les. He gives all these Westviewians free trips across the country on his private jet. And again, he never demands anything from them. And Les still has the audacity to whine and angst over how Mason treats him.

    It was absurd in For Better or Worse when Michael was made EIC of a major fashion magazine, and then he left that job when he got a huge advance on his first novel, which became a roaring success leading to him writing for films. It was absurd when Elizabeth had every single expense for her wedding covered by friends of her family. But these really do pale in comparison to how significantly Batiuk is now rewarding his favorite characters. I remain in horrified anticipation to see how Gross John benefits from this new direction of his, and I’m absolutely certain that the new film version of Lisa’s Story will somehow bend the universe’s physics and make Les even more loathsome when he inevitably whines about it.

    • hitorque

      The Westview Nepotism Mafia is undefeated…

      I almost want to move to Ahia just so I can grow fat off the crumbs of their infinite successes in life…

  9. Gerard Plourde

    So the fantasy wish fulfillment continues. I guess that next we’ll learn that Chester was a baby left on the steps of the Westview orphanage and that he’s found out through DNA testing that Ruby is his mother.

  10. Once again, people are simply handed things. Remember Holly’s quest for Starbuck Jones comics? Of course you don’t, so I’ll remind you–the most we saw her pay for these valuable issues was twenty-five cents. The others were all handed to her, because Cory was in the military.

    Oh, there was a fleabay auction. Forgot about that one. I wonder why?

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Gee, thanks, Chester. The least I can do is repay you with a blowjob and ball jiggle. Drop ‘em sonny boy!”

    “Thank you… nooooooo. I much prefer the young lads. I’m gayer than a purse full of rainbows, you see. And as I often say – Old enough to pee, old enough for me! But you COULD fetch me a plain white mug of hot cocoa.”