Sippin’ Baby Yoda Meme.

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Funky. Rather than make crazy manic demands on your friends and go tearing out into the dark in search of video replays, just take that tiny black box in your hand and FIND THE FOOTAGE. Or go over to your computer, that we know exists because your Mother-In-Law messes with it. I promise you, it’s out there. Right now. Thousands and thousands of sports channels are uploading the video to their YouTube, TikTok, Flickster, Picasa, Pintrest, SmokeSignal, whatever I don’t know (remember Luddite).

Take a look at Holly in panel one, and tell me that I guessed wrong yesterday. This is the face of a woman trolling.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Nope, he can’t watch it on the computer or on the phone, it HAS to be on the “big screen”…OK, sure Tom, whatever you say. Once again BatHack takes an easy, fool-proof premise (idiot misses end of big game) and botches it beyond all recognition.

  2. Yeah, Batiuk hates Funky with a passion. The final strip of this trainwreck in 2022 will show Funky dying in an alleyway while Les wins the Pulitzer.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “And the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay goes to…Les Moore! Lisa’s Story!”

      (KA CHUNK!) Black panel.

      “The defibrillator worked! Normal heart beat! He’s alive!”

      “Funky??? Funky???”

      “Oh Holly, I just had the most horrible nightmare…”

      (Cut to Les standing at Funky’s door with Oscar in hand)

      “WE’RE LOSING HIM AGAIN! (flatline beep)”

  3. billytheskink

    Oh sure, the one time using *ugh* “Grandpa Google” would actually make sense in this strip and it doesn’t happen…

  4. William Thompson

    Oh, fuck. Now Les enters the scene, so we can contrast Funky’s dingaling behavior with the calm and collected demeanor of the Lord of Language. Now why would Creepy Les take an interest in any event that doesn’t center on him?

    • hitorque

      Les is supposed to be with Masone anyway… If this really is the NBA All-Star Game then Masone would have gotten him courtside seats…

      (And Cindy could have her self-worth validated as all the retired hall of famers try to pick her up)…

  5. Doghouse Reilly

    Excuse me, but I’m going out to my kitchen for the rest of the week to make some hot chocolate. Someone please yell if I miss anything exciting.

  6. Paul Jones

    Just as long as Batiuk doesn’t try to walk back Bull stiffing himself so we can do more “sportos are stooooopid” crap, I’m down for whatever.

  7. Ray

    Another day, another exam from the unseen Dr Longfingers.

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “That woman who hangs around my house and interrupts me when I’m thinking about Lisa is out. Bring lots of K-Y Jelly.”

    “Mmmmm, sweet Les… Can’t wait to inbound my own balls. I’ll be right there!”

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      And they had glorious gay buttsex! Grunting, sweating, and squealing as they went.

      “Funkman, you are the greatest!”

      “Keep working it, Les! I’m almost there!”

      “Wait… let me get us some hot cocoa first! Wait here.”

  9. So whatever game this is, it’s important enough that everyone in Westview seems to be watching it. I’m guessing that something will happen that will prevent him from watching the replay at Les’ house, and the next morning every single customer in Montoni’s will come in and say “Funky, wasn’t that some shot that won the game last night?”, and each time Funky will react with the same crazed expression we’ve been seeing all week.

    • hitorque

      I’ve figured it out now… If sports casuals like Holly and Les are watching and it’s clearly a Sunday night, then this *HAS* to be the NBA All-Star game… There’s no other possibility that works here.

      Of course the irony is Batiuk supposedly writes his stuff a year in advance so he didn’t factor on this strip running a week after the real All-Star game on Feb. 16, and he clearly didn’t know that the NBA was experimenting with a gimmick 4th quarter rule that eliminated a game clock in favor of playing to a pre-determined point total…

  10. Jimmy

    If the satellite went out, chances are it’s the result of a nasty storm. That’s the perfect time to jaunt over to a friend’s house to watch a 2-second sports clip.

    • William Thompson

      Naaah, when the satellites go out it means the Martians have launched their invasion. Fear not, they’ll land in Westview, look it over and decide Earth isn’t worth conquering.

      • I’d think they’d decide differently. “Guys, the plan was to conquer Earth to add it to our empire. Well, the plan has changed–we need to wipe these creatures out for the good of the galaxy!”

        • billytheskink

          Before any of this happens, though, the Martians will discover that they are extremely susceptible to cancer and die. Then Les will write a book about it. Mason will option the book for a movie that totally isn’t Signs the way the Lisa movie totally isn’t Love Story.

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          Possibility #3: Westview is the advance scout team for the Martian invasion. It is called off due to Westview’s complete failure to simulate human behavior.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    I dread the possibility that this arc will include a Les appearance, whose interest in basketball seemed inexplicable until I remembered that now-perennial KSU student Summer was a basketball star.

    Are we in for more angst-ridden hand wringing from Les about the ways Hollywood is going to ruin the masterpiece that is Lisa’s Story? (Which also will be another inadvertent display of TomBa’s own issues with control of his characters.)

  12. Banana Jr. 6000

    Yes, it would be genuinely funny if Holly were engineering all this just to irritate Funky. (Bonus points if the game-winning shot never even happened.) But we all know that’s not going to be the outcome. Batiuk loves giving his characters expressions that look meaningful but aren’t. And, hinting at a better story than the one he’s telling.

    • comicbookharriet

      I don’t actually think Batiuk wrote that Holly did it to troll him. But that is how I am choosing to read it. Death of the Author and all that good stuff.

  13. hitorque

    I thought Les was in Los Angeles bitching and moaning about the process of turning his book into a movie that is pre-destined to clean up the oscars and allow him to retire a multi-millionaire? Hey, maybe Lester could move into Chester’s neighborhood after he strikes it rich!

  14. hitorque

    Apropos of nothing, this bit of brilliance happened the same year the strip was born… Maybe Batiuk was having flashbacks??

  15. Professor Fate

    Arrggg. I find this arc amazingly irritating. It’s Thursday and we still have absolutely no idea why Funky is suddenly freaking out about a basketball game. Actually seeing as Summer was a high school Basketball star and was on a scholarship to Kent State to play basket ball and that what’s her names Les’ wife’s daughter also was a basketball player – this arc would make SOME (not a lot but SOME) sense if this was happening to Les. He at least has been seen AT a basketball game or two and to be honest this kind of melt down fits his prissy ‘everything happens to me’ personality better than Funky’s.
    But the Author needs to humiliate Funky for reasons that are probably better left unsaid as they say nothing good about the Author.

    • But Les’ “everything happens to me” doesn’t surface when luck turns against him, because that never happens. No, that pops up when people are not sufficiently worshipful of him.

      So, the only way this would work would be if Cayla was recording a game where Keisha and Summer were playing, and Les noticed they were taping over a Lisa tape and stopped the process right before the game ended, and did it in such a way that the game’s outcome was unknown (pulling out the power cord, for example).

      (Yes, I know the tapes were converted to DVDs years ago, but if Batiuk can throw continuity down into the basement and lock the door, so can I.)