When I lay my Isaac down.

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“I think I was starting to hallucinate.”

No Funky, you had an entire conversation with a non-existent robot.

If the heat and your exertion is causing you to hallucinate a talking robot, then you probably should seek medical help immediately, as heatstroke can lead to brain damage, organ damage, and death.

There’s another possibility here of course. The possibility that Isaac has been Les all along. That Funky was seeing Les as he really is: a smug, soulless machine, created to serve his master by doling out smug superiority and cancer books, while every thing around him decays into lumps of stagnant, half-realized notions as the creator loses interest.

For one brief conversation, the horrific reality that is Les Moore was made visible to Funky’s eyes, until his brain caught up and applied the protective illusion that allows Funky to enjoy what he can of his two dimensional existence.

Funky hadn’t started hallucinating, he had just, for a moment, stopped.


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27 responses to “When I lay my Isaac down.

  1. billytheskink

    I’ll buy that the robot was Les the whole time. I mean, if I was anywhere near Les I would try to pretend that he was literally anything else.

  2. William Thompson

    There’s no way Les was the robot. Didn’t we learn anything from Star Trek? Illogic destroys robots, but Les is illogic incarnate, therefore Les is not a robot.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    WTF? Les is back home already? How’d that happen? Way to end a story there, Tom.

  4. “I was actually enjoying my run, there, until the hallucination was shattered. Now, for some reason, it’s sheer torment.”

  5. bigd1992

    Crap, dickface is back. The computer was more likable.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    Sloppy writing alert. Immediately preceding this arc Les was in Los Angeles reluctantly watching Mason pitch Lisa’s Story. Where does this fit in? Can Les teleport? Did he fly back just to annoy Funky? Did TomBa paint himself into a corner again and have to create a way out? My guess is Option 3.

  7. Doghouse Reilly (Philadelphia)

    As tempting as it might be to jump on Battyuk for the whole “So, the whole ‘Lisa’s Story pitch’ arc has been jettisoned without a resolution or even a handshake agreement and Les just jogs his way back to Ohio” non-conclusion, can I bring up another point. Why on Earth would Funky have been hallucinating Starbuck Jones’s mechanical “manservent” Isaac? To the best of my knowledge FW was not an SJ reader and had only the most cursory awareness of the series, nor do I recall Isaac being in the recent movies. Of all the pop culture robots for his oxygen-deprived brain to summon forth, why that one as opposed to say, C3PO, Twiki, Astro Boy or Robby?

    • Batiuk would never showcase someone else’s creation. Not when he can shoe-horn in one of his own, and trumpet how brilliant and clever he is.

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      Your reference to Astro Boy made me look this up. I hadn’t heard it in over 50 years, but I could still sing (garbled) every word.

    • batgirl

      Funky was sort of a Starbuck Jones fan, enough to have bought the first issue (well, to tell his younger self to buy the first issue while in a car-accident-caused time-travel hallucination-or-was-it) so that a later financial crisis could be averted.
      Holly would count as more of an SJ fan, since she read all of the issues she collected for Cory.

  8. Professor Fate

    ah…it’s May – how crazy hot could it be?

  9. Paul Jones

    Well, I was close. Isaac was just his way of protecting himself against realizing that his ‘friend’ is an asshole.

  10. Count of Tower Grove

    This might have been funny if Fungy tripped on his untied laces, as per Todd’s proclivity to use him as a fall guy.

  11. Epicus Doomus: WTF? Les is back home already? How’d that happen?

    Gerard Plourde: Immediately preceding this arc Les was in Los Angeles reluctantly watching Mason pitch Lisa’s Story…Can Les teleport?

    You guys are forgetting that time Les showed up at Montoni’s to bust Funky’s balls about naming his car…one week after Cayla dropped him off at the airport for his month-long Kilimanjaro trek.

    • bad wolf

      Perhaps this explains why Westview folks don’t try to actively avoid Les as one might expect… they’ve long since come to the realization that Les is everywhere

    • batgirl

      Thanks for the link – I knew there was a previous incidence of Transporter-Beam-Les, but couldn’t pin it down. Sometimes the weekend strips are the same timeline as the weekdays, sometimes they’re not.
      Could we have some strips in the timeline where Les died of cancer instead of Lisa?

      • William Thompson

        You mean this whole Act III schtick isn’t an alternate timeline? Isn’t Les’s evil-Spock beard a dead giveaway?

  12. I think it’s likely this week’s “story” was pulled out of a fill-in drawer, when he can’t figure out what should go between Les arcs. Hence the disregard for continuity.

    –which Batiuk doesn’t regard anyway. I have the feeling he thinks he’s so talented and his output so outstanding that the unimportant parts–like continuity, or last names, or other details–are safely hidden under all the brilliance.

  13. Gerard Plourde

    He just posted a picture of the aerator on his blog.


    • Will

      Ah, now it actually makes sense. Maybe he should have traced it better in the strip.
      Also, the post below it is his way of making his Hollywood vacation tax deductible.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, his blog is a treasure trove of BS these days.

      First he goes on and on about all the research he did in LA. Searching for a house for Cindy and Mason. But then he gives us a garage house with a kotex dispenser by the door.

      Then he shows us a rusty heap of junk and tells us he got lots of compliments from people (ie his friends) about how they are loving the robot arc.

      Secret sauce indeed. Pretending that your walking around in a different city constitutes serious research is hardly a recipe for success.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        Sheesh, Batiuk can’t even take a picture of anything interesting.

        That fourth picture is 8221 Sunset Boulevard, the location of the famed Chateau Marmont. But he doesn’t show it, preferring to share with us a picture of the “Miscellaneous Entertainment” and “Posh Pet Care” buildings across the street. (The “Pinche Tacos” restaurant someone mentioned is visible at left.)

        And when he does take a picture of something interesting, he misses the point. Yes, the aerator does look a little bit like a robot sitting on a bench. A robot with no legs and a 35-inch wang.

  14. batgirl

    Brilliant interpretation, CBH. So this strip is like They Live, but I’m not sure whether the sunglasses are on or off when Les appears…
    (So many good They Live gifs, but I’m not sure if I can post one successfully)

    apologies if that doesn’t work.

  15. Westview Radiology

    As a faithful reader of this “comic” my observation is that Funky is way more physically active than Les if we take into account Funky’s jogging and running his Pizza shop. All Les does is sit and mope, have Cayla cook for him and bring him his hot chocolate and gloat in the classroom. Question is just how many calories does Funky consumed during the course of a day to render his belly flab in jowly cheeks?