Can Decoder Rings Melt?

Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview. My guess is it’ll be a single panel of Jeff holding out his decoder ring for a kneeling Pete to kiss, while Mindy swoons in the background.


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32 responses to “Can Decoder Rings Melt?

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Good ol’ CK, making it MORE difficult to find the daily strip will surely do much to attract another reader or two this year. It really is an endlessly fascinating business, one I’d really like to learn more about, if only that were possible. I picture the main CK office as being in a basement somewhere, with a really old receptionist and a few even older guys sleeping at their desks with unlit cigars dangling from their fingers. Piles of old mail from the 1960s stacked in the corner with cobwebs everywhere and a really old dusty suggestion box on the wall, hanging there all askew with one of those old wooden box radios against the wall, softly playing Eddie Cantor songs.

  2. CRM114

    Pete probably has much experience with kneeling and kissing.

  3. billytheskink

    Some way, somehow this is even worse than I had expected. I think Tom Armstrong would even reject this punchline from Marvin.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    He’s doing actual pee-pee gags now, folks. Dick and fart jokes are all that’s left now. Once again BatYam focuses squarely on the absolute most mundane aspect of the story…an old guy taking a leak on an airplane that’s going to the place where the “story” (well, ONE of the stories) is (ostensibly) taking place. Jeepers. I told ya this was going to get weird.

  5. Charles

    Would they really send out an invite to a movie premiere in Los Angeles to a guy in Cleveland literally a day or two before the premiere?

    “Oh, we figured you weren’t going to be doing anything anyway, and besides, with the way “Starbuck Jones: The Startening” went down, we’re not going to be able to determine when anything happens beforehand.”

  6. Boots Gandalf

    Wow, Pete sure went from orgasmic glee to “I hate the fucking world” pretty fast. Remind us of anyone? *Cough cough* Les *cough* Moore

  7. Y. Knott

    Hm. In isolation, this is … not completely terrible. Not at all *good*, of course, and operating at more or less a sort of sub-Marvin level. But there’s a recognizable attempt at humour here, phrased in a way actual humans might say. Of course, I can’t imagine anyone coming across this comic for the first time and being utterly delighted, and wanting to investigate the further adventures of these wonderful characters — but they probably wouldn’t throw the paper (or their monitor) across the room in anger and frustration either.

    I think it takes a week’s worth of reading Funky Winkerbean to get to that point.

  8. Paul Jones

    Batiuk’s obsession with old people and their incontinence says a lot of horrible things about him.

  9. Hitorque

    1. Dumb… Really, really dumb. Next Batiuk is going to insult our collective intelligence by showing the genuine surprise of our three heroes when they land to discover half of SoCal is on fire…

    2. Who actually has to make announcements that they’re taking a piss? This isn’t second grade… And CLE-LAX is *not* that long of a flight…

    3. It’s not a stretch to say that with the residuals from Hollywood plus the king’s ransom Chester Hagglemore is paying in salary, Pete clears at least a million every year in income. So why the hell are they flying in coach? And speaking of the world’s biggest comics geek who refuses to grow up, why didn’t Chester demand an invite?

    4. I hope Mindy is aware that Pete is going to officially consider this trip their honeymoon and some cosplay weirdo dressed like Booster Gold is going to conduct the ceremony in front of a crowd of total strangers…

    5. Because of the impending wildfire, Pete’s going to get this grand idea for a new comic about superpowered firefighters in outer space, isn’t he?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It’s just over five hours so it’s not short either. Ive made this flight often as I have family and friends in LA. My wife and I have flown first class a couple of times and usually there is a celebrity sighting as a lot of older celebs come to Cleveland Clinic for treatments. (Batty would be proud)

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        I’d love to see a Funky Winkerbean about a celebrity on a flight.

        “And, passengers, if you’ll look to seat 28A, on our flight today is the 2014 Academy Award winner for Best Actor, Eddie Redmayne!”


        “We also have a group of soldiers returning home from service in Afghanistan!”

        slight murmuring

        “And in seat 16C, the second assistant colorist for The Flash Volume #63, Garry Bleenfarb!”

        (uproarious applause)

    • newagepalimpsest

      “4. I hope Mindy is aware that Pete is going to officially consider this trip their honeymoon and some cosplay weirdo dressed like Booster Gold is going to conduct the ceremony in front of a crowd of total strangers…”

      Mindy will be dressed as Booster Gold and Pete will be uhhh let’s say the Blue Beetle.

      • J.J. O'Malley

        Are you kidding? The Blue/Gold Bromance is more serious than anything we’ve seen between Mopey and Min-dull. If anything, they’d be dressed as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and chastely sharing a bed together (take that, Dr. Wertham!).

  10. Count of Tower Grove

    Too bad he can’t hold it. It would be useful putting out the golf course fire.

  11. comicbookharriet

    I like to imagine the doughy woman behind Mindy and the headphones wearing guy in front of her aren’t sleeping, but are instead squinching their eyes closed out of the kind of white hot seething rage that only comes three hours into a flight of listening to that old coot with the aisle seat blithely complaining about his prostate for the tenth time.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Better than listening to two grown men talk about 1950s comic book cereal box decoder rings for five hours. Chatty old people with medical problems can be tuned out.

  12. spacemanspiff85

    So do you think Pete got a one or a two bed hotel room for the three of them?

  13. Don

    I didn’t know there were airplanes where the people sitting in the window seats had to get by three other people in their row to get to an aisle

  14. Banana Jr. 6000

    I’m glad Mindy looks like herself again. I honestly didn’t realize she was in yesterday’s strip. She looked more 15-year-old Luann. Her hair color was even different.

  15. Perfect Tommy

    Pmmm is probably on her second wine cooler run by now.

  16. newagepalimpsest

    You know that gag in which two office workers run into each other and get their stacks of paper all mixed up, which causes “hilarious hijinx” to ensue when Worker A goes to The Big Meeting with a random picture of a hot dog instead of the chart for Greeble sales?

    Did that actually happen in the real world at the Comics Kingdom offices last week? We jumped from LISA to FIRE!!!!! to PETE to FIRE!!!!! and now I guess that unless the airport is on FIRE!!!! we’re on PETE for the next week.

  17. Tom Batiuk is terrible at crafting a single storyline. Why does he think he can add more characters and storylines and keep them going? This is guaranteed to be dull and incomprehensible.

  18. spacemanspiff85

    There’s a lot of gags in this strip where I just assume Batiuk is writing something he himself says to people on a regular basis and passing it off as “humor”. I have a strong feeling today’s “whiz kid” gag is something Batiuk says in real life.

  19. Westview Radiology

    Is that plant man in the orange wig sleeping with his hands folded?

  20. Charles

    BTW, the art in this strip is indescribably bad. Look at how much Jfff’s head shrinks and reshapes itself as he stands up, and I would defy anyone to diagram where the rows of seats are in either panel, It’s as if they were arranged randomly.