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Can Decoder Rings Melt?

Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview. My guess is it’ll be a single panel of Jeff holding out his decoder ring for a kneeling Pete to kiss, while Mindy swoons in the background.


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Glad To See You Go

Link To Today’s Strip

Garbage dump week continues with a big heaping load of a Sunday strip, one that was perhaps best left in the “emergency only” folder. It seems that Ol’ Man Winkerbean likes to be on “E” before he leaves the house, which is way, way more than we really need to know about Funky if you ask me.

So this is the last Sunday strip of the 2010s. I’d really love to see the whole lot of them assembled in book form, he could maybe call it “Meh…It’s Just The Sunday Strip” or something equally catchy. Just think, there have been over 500 of these over the last ten years and I’ll be damned if I can really remember more than seven or eight of them.


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