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In Fact, Terrible

Link To The Sunday Strip

Four generic superheroes battling four generic super villains in front of a plain background…THIS is what they toiled over all week? And look at Flash in the reality bubble, all smug and self-satisfied, like he actually accomplished something. I wish he’d do an arc where Chester shits himself over the astoundingly terrible work these imbeciles keep cranking out. “Wayback Wendy”, “Pion”, “Scorch”…I mean come on. Chester has to be losing money hand over fist on this horseshit.

I really, really need for this arc to be over. I mean yes, it’ll take way more than that to truly break me, but this one really tested my patience. Fortunately, it would appear that Mason Jarre is on deck, to take us in a “different direction”, hopefully a direction that has nothing to do with comic books or marching bands. If it turns out he wants to do an animated film about a marching band composed entirely of superheroes, that might be all for me.


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It’s All About The He Said He Said Comic Book Bullshit

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A dumb premise, centered around two characters no one cares about, executed poorly…this one truly had it all. My goal is to forget about Phil, Flash and their imbecilic comic book drivel as quickly as possible, which should be really, really easy. I’ve seen plenty of stupefying, tedious FW arcs in my day, but man oh man, this one was right up (or down) there with ANY of them. Hopefully tomorrow’s comic book cover shovels dirt on this thing, because it’s definitely time to move the f*ck on from whatever this was supposed to be.


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