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Un-Tidal-ed Claude Barlow Project

Today’s strip features a pun so tremendously corny that Dinkle had to pause for a second while typing it up to… uh, take notes on it? Maybe he had to write it down because it was so bad it crashed his WordPerfect AND broke the “oy” tag on Comics I Don’t Understand.

Oh, and here’s a remarkably prescient strip of Dinkle doing his Clade Barlow shtick way back in 1981, shortly before Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.



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An old running gag
Pops back up in today’s strip
Oh goody, oh joy

The life and times of
Claude Barlow: Volume 7
Just volume 7?

Dinkle’s been working
On this Claude Barlow tome since
President Carter

“Up your nose with a
rubber hose”, but with Dinkle
you’d need oil pipe

Really? Duck Pond huh?
Barlow’s talent limited
Kinda like Dinkle’s

Dinkle’s productive
This is more writing than seen
From Les and Pete both


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Flow Like Barlow

If death itself was not enough to keep Lisa from continuing as a cast member in the Funkiverse, did you think mere retirement would deter Batiuk’s second favorite and probably best known character, Harry L. Dinkle? The World’s Greatest Erstwhile Band Director has cranked out three volumes of his autobiography to date, yet his Life and Times of Claude Barlow continues to be a work in progress, dating back to the days when Dinkle was never seen not wearing his peaked cap.


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