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Tiny Tuesday Terribles

Link to today’s strip.

As noted yesterday by Fearless Leader, today’s strip was not available for preview…nor will tomorrow’s Thursday’s.  It’s really weird the way Batiuk and his publisher feel that these things have to be protected like precious flowers that will wither if subjected to too much light.

So, yesterday we were introduced to “Kitch Swoon,” a name which has a level of dumbness fairly typical of this strip.  In a world of Mason Jarres, Butter Brinkles and Zanzibars, what’s Kitch Swoon but another addition to the eyeroll list.

Apparently, she needs help which only a comicbook publisher’s staff can provide.  Let’s guess:  she’s having some grand opening, with a number of famous guests, and she needs terrible artwork and poorly-written bios to help publicize the thing.  Either that, or she needs help moving and lifting heavy things, in which case she should prepare for disappointment.

No matter what, I bet we’re on the way to being hit with more awards!


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One Mere Monday

Link to today’s strip.

Monday’s strip was not available for preview.  I’m going to guess it’ll be the start of the threatened “Funky-Crankshaft” crossover, and it will involve Pete and Mindy going to the state fair.  There, they’ll talk about how melancholy it all is.

Sorry for pulling a Batiukian move like this, but I’ve got early morning work tomorrow and can’t stay late enough for the thing to drop.


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