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Put Off

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Perhaps the sounds you’re hearing are from a mass zombie outbreak, in which millions of the newly-risen dead thirst for the flesh of the living.  Perhaps it’s an asteroid, howling through the air on its way to smite us.  Could be, but I think that if you listen carefully you’ll discover that you’ve been screaming for a long, long time.

I know what some (initials “TB”) might say: that the elderly have a perfect right to enjoy an active sex life.  And I wouldn’t argue with that–what I would argue with is the depiction or the implication.  There are a lot of biological processes that people do that are perfectly natural.

It’s just that we don’t have to watch them doing those perfectly natural biological processes, or read about how they’re just itching to do them.   How many times have you seen characters in a comic strip use the restroom, for example?

–I’ve just given Tom Batiuk an idea, haven’t I?  I am so, so sorry, everyone.

UPDATE:  As Epicus points out in the comments, this was wrong when Frankie did it, right?

Gasp!  Shock!

With the tiniest edit, we can indeed make this even creepier–

Poor John Candy


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