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I Want to Be More Like the Ocean

Banana Jr. 6000
December 2, 2021 at 9:16 am
They’ve already published a Subterranean book…they’re apparently working on another one, and they’re just now determining who their characters are? Going over their character roster is the only thing these Atomik Klowns ever do!

…aaaaand Mindy, “The Girl.”

Batiuk famously builds story arcs set in milieux around which his lack of actual understanding becomes glaringly evident: think moviemaking, or military service. But we all know him to be a bonafide, lifetime consumer and aficionado of comics and comic books. They are his sworn passion. Young Tom Batiuk even followed his dream to New York. “I met with an editor at DC Comics who ripped not only my work up and down but me as well for having had the temerity to show up at his office with it.” OK, it didn’t lead to his dream job, and he had to settle for being a mere “cartoonist.” Still, he knows and collaborates with people in the industry. Which industry, with very few exceptions, probably operates nothing like the way he depicts it here.


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Great, Maybe Les Will Write A Book About It

Link to today’s strip

“Failure To Charge: Bull’s Phone’s Story”. Talk about an anti-climax. After all that, Bull merely skulks home all sad-sack and sorry while Dick Facey smirks away like driving Linda home was some historically altruistic act of kindness, what a dick. His “phone died” (actually it was working fine until he threw it against some filing cabinets but I digress) and he was unable to find his wife who works in the same building? Oh, that’s right…the head injuries. Interesting how a story about Bull becoming forgetful makes the average FW reader’s brain malfunction as well, although in fairness any TomBan authored story is going to fry some synapses, what with the total lack of logic, continuity and common sense and all.

This has long been one of Batiuk’s favorite tactics. He introduces a premise that’s rooted (at least somewhat) in a “real issue affecting real people and blah blah”, then that’s it. They never actually go anywhere, nothing ever actually happens and nothing ever changes when they’re finished. Then he’ll gloat about how he “explored” the issue of concussions among football players even though in actuality he did no such thing, he merely brought it up is all. It’s like going out with your friends, saying “hey, how about this election, huh?” then claiming you “discussed politics” all night. I thought he might at least try to wring a “what can WE do about this issue?” kind of thing out of this but apparently even that’s too much to ask.


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