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Walk-Off Loss

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“So, wanna do a crossover arc where Dick Tracy visits Westview?”

“That’s sounds swell, BanTom! I’m definitely on board!”

“Great! There are only two conditions. It HAS to center entirely around comic books AND it has to be as uneventful as possible. Hello? Hello? Anyone there?”

And today the big Dick Tracy-FW crossover arc reaches its nadir, as our two Very Special Guest Stars are reduced to TALKING ABOUT a (wait for it) comic book auction. They’re not involved in any way, they’re not participating in any way nor are they vested in the outcome. Nope, they’re just discussing it and lamenting the fact that they can’t read them anymore because (of course) Dick and Sam are “good” comic book readers who are only interested in the wonderful old vintage stories and artwork, not the investment potential and yadda yadda yadda. Somewhere along the line this premise became the absolute pinnacle of hilarity in BanTom’s mind, a mind that becomes a little more troubling with each passing day.

Obviously I’ve been following the DT strip this week and, well, the lack of any kind of actual crossover action is odd, although not unexpected. It’s almost as if they were all excited about it for a few minutes then totally lost interest, which any SoSF guest host (as well as FW readers) can totally relate to fully. It probably would have been best left to one Sunday strip, although with those six or seven whole panels to fill, who knows?


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Fifty Shades Of Lame

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For a vaunted and feared comic book chiseler, Chester kind of lacks a working knowledge of how auctions normally work. He’s not “chiseling” correctly either. And there’s no need to shout, the auctioneer is standing right there to the left of the panel there, Chester. In typical FW fashion, our “heroes” show up for an auction lot containing a trove of rare and valuable comic books with a whole fifty bucks scorching a hole in their pockets. Good plan there, guys. Thankfully they’re able to shrug off their idiocy with a wry remark and those “deadpan” expressions, which no doubt sent BanTom to the floor of his studio with a massive laughing fit right after he dreamed this bit of nonsense up. Well, I guess it’s marginally better than not amusing anyone whatsoever, right?

FW routinely botches even the easiest of premises, but this one might mark a new low. The guy gets an opportunity to use an “iconic” (much more so than any FW character at any rate) comic strip character in his daily strip and instead of doing anything that’s even remotely different or entertaining he decides to make it all about a f*cking comic book auction. It’s mid-week and DT isn’t even there today! Why even bother with DT at all if this is all you have? He’s a f*cking detective, TB, have the guy go find Becky’s mom or Harry’s missing kids or your sense of humor (provided there’s enough time for that last one, that is).


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Throwing Shade

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That was fast. Dick Tracy is indeed in the strip, but today he’s only playing a background role as BanTom has decided to focus on two totally forgotten stupid one-off characters from last year’s idiotic Starbuck Jones arc instead. So typically self-indulgent. I can’t believe he’s actually making this DT crossover arc all about a f*cking comic book auction, I mean talk about a lack of imagination.


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