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Take The Long Box Home

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Oh brother. DT and Sam are actually using a WPD vehicle to deliver comic books? Another example of Westviewian tax dollars at work. Nice jawline on DT in the last panel, you could chip ice with that profile. I don’t have a protractor handy but that looks like a 90 degree angle to me. And Holly looks like the world’s worst female impersonator today, especially in that last panel. Yikes.

But as shoddy as the artwork may be, it’s nothing compared to the incomprehensible dialog, which makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, Holly isn’t selling the comic books, Komix Korner is. Second, I don’t recall Holly “learning” anything at all during the Comic-Con arc, as all she did was stand around confusedly while looking stupid. And I’m 100% certain she knew how to do that long before she went to San Diego.

The best line of all, though, is DT’s bit about the “shadiness” of comic book geeks. For a guy who loves comic books as much as BanTom does, he sure has a negative opinion of, well, pretty much everyone else into or involved with the hobby. I guess what he’s trying to say here is that even though they may look and behave like a bunch of filthy disgusting morons, it’s the comic book memories in their hearts that truly matter…or something. I’m not really sure and at this point I’m WAY too sick of comic f*cking books to ponder it for even a millisecond longer. And anyhow, if the guy writing the story has no idea what it means what chance do I have of figuring it out?


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Whole Lot Of Dumb

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So which premise is more unlikely? That Holly could somehow scrape together $50,001 to spend on comic books she didn’t even know about until earlier that same day or that the detective that cracked the case that eventually made the comic books available to be auctioned off in the first place would hang around for that auction AND hand-deliver the comics to the auction winner whom he doesn’t even know? If you answered “both”, congrats. I know I’ve been pounding on this theme all week but seriously, someone over there at Batom Inc. HQ really needs to tap TheAuthor on the shoulder and snap him out of this bizarre comic book fantasy reverie he’s in, as it’s getting out of hand. It’s almost as if depicting DT delivering boxes of comic books was his goal and he wrote the “story” around making that scene happen. And that’s just f*cking weird.

Coming next week: the long-rumored FW/For Better Or For Worse crossover finally begins. Over in the FBOFW-iverse, Funky hits Farley the dog with his car just as Michael opens his rejection letter from comic book writing school at the same moment his gay best friend’s grandfather dies at his sister’s shotgun wedding. Meanwhile, the Pattersons visit Westview and debate the merits of Silver Age vs. Golden Age comic books while eating pizza. Or, alternately, they eat comic books while reading pizza, as if there’s any difference anymore.


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Walk-Off Loss

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“So, wanna do a crossover arc where Dick Tracy visits Westview?”

“That’s sounds swell, BanTom! I’m definitely on board!”

“Great! There are only two conditions. It HAS to center entirely around comic books AND it has to be as uneventful as possible. Hello? Hello? Anyone there?”

And today the big Dick Tracy-FW crossover arc reaches its nadir, as our two Very Special Guest Stars are reduced to TALKING ABOUT a (wait for it) comic book auction. They’re not involved in any way, they’re not participating in any way nor are they vested in the outcome. Nope, they’re just discussing it and lamenting the fact that they can’t read them anymore because (of course) Dick and Sam are “good” comic book readers who are only interested in the wonderful old vintage stories and artwork, not the investment potential and yadda yadda yadda. Somewhere along the line this premise became the absolute pinnacle of hilarity in BanTom’s mind, a mind that becomes a little more troubling with each passing day.

Obviously I’ve been following the DT strip this week and, well, the lack of any kind of actual crossover action is odd, although not unexpected. It’s almost as if they were all excited about it for a few minutes then totally lost interest, which any SoSF guest host (as well as FW readers) can totally relate to fully. It probably would have been best left to one Sunday strip, although with those six or seven whole panels to fill, who knows?


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