Merry and Blight

SpacemanSpiff85 December 20, 2014 at 12:24 am If we had any clue at all what was going on here, this might actually have been dramatic. Batiuk likes to throw in cheap drama without any of the buildup to make it meaningful.

Cheap drama and a Sunday victory lap. Dr. Chill’s presumably good news elicits from Funky the first non-ironic smiles we’ve seen from him in months. He whips out his phone again to re-read the doctor’s text (and for the benefit of those lucky Sunday-only readers). Here’s what brings joy to Westviewvians: the news that you’re not going to die…just yet.  Batiuk wraps up this mini-non-drama with a Christmas bow in the form of an improbable, reverse engineered punchline.


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Saturday, Dec. 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview.


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Dr. Chill

Three days of strips showing Funky standing in line at the airport; jump cut to Funky’s plane touching down at…home? His business destination? Still not 100% clear on which leg of the trip this is. Well, I’m sure the flight was as miserable and boring as his time waiting in line. No sooner than he’s given permission to use his phone, Funky is rewarded with what surely is more bad news from either his own doctor or possibly his Dad’s. The next cycle of strips won’t appear online before midnight Friday, which means I’m in the dark along with the rest of y’all! It also means the next post won’t show up here until midnight. Stay tuned (yawn)…


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Now Not Boarding

OK: I can’t figure out for the life of me what is going on here. All I can think of is that the reason they couldn’t scan the Funkman’s boarding pass is that rather than a smartphone, Funky carries the more geezer-friendly Samsung Jitterbug.


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Let Me Make It Plane

I’m a little worried about Les’ being “a little worried about Funky.” It’s a business trip, or so we’ve been told (although many of you pointed out yesterday the absurdity of scheduling business travel a week before Christmas). He didn’t just up and “take off”.

Instead of standing around the airport muttering to himself, Funky should learn a thing or two about air travel from his old pal Les: don’t be miserable, be a douchebag to everyone you meet and make them miserable!


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‘Twas the Flight Before Christmas

I wonder what “business” requires “the Funkman” to travel by plane. He’s not visiting the franchise locations, since the New York shop closed up years ago.

We’re all familiar with Batiuk’s use of “photo album corners” and sepia tones to depict past events. Today he thoughtfully employs a similar visual cue, the “squiggly-bordered panel”, lest the reader become confused by the abrupt jump-cut from Montoni’s to some airport.


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La Douche

I suspect that rather than carry them over into the new year, Batiuk is obligated to burn off every shitty pun that he’s scrawled on a Luigi’s napkin over the last twelve months. Even the puns in French, which are harder for people who are not Les Moore to “get”. Polishing this turd of a gag into a strip requires Les to deliver the jeu de mots, since he’s the only one intellectual enough to coin (and appreciate) such a clever jest.


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