Making Phun of Phil

In a nod to realism, today we see Jessica actually employing a tripod as she interviews Phil the Forecaster. Seems like John Darling’s contempt for humanity extended to everyone from the lowly intern to the expert meteorologist. Add Phil to the list of people happy to see Darling dead.


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Wait: one gets “choked up” recalling fond memories, no?  So what is it about the dressing down that intern Candy received from MyDadJohnDarling that makes her get emotional all these years later? Maybe it was the way his little hand seemed to completely detach from his wrist. Like a cursor. By the way, if you’re just joining us: nobody who knew him liked John Darling.


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Sour Candy

If Batiuk would have us accept Jessica as a professional filmmaker, it might help to show her viewing the dailies on a video editing rig, rather than on the living room TV. “Candy Kane” steps up to take her posthumous whacks at the John Darling piñata.


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Turn and Face the Strange

“At times, it’s as if nothings changed around here…and then, at other WHOA when they start admitting 40-year-olds?”


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Of the Dead, Say Nothing

Even after the cheesy little VHS cam has been packed away, Brenda Harpy continues on about what a jerk MyDadJohnDarling was. Oh, but he was a doting father…no, never mind.



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Behold…the Living Planet!


Ego the Living Planet is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe. The character first appeared in Thor #132 (Sept. 1966) and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.


Oh, you didn’t know that? I sure as hell didn’t! But the ol’ Harpy throws in a reference to an obscure (to most folks) Marvel supervillain and Blondie isn’t even fazed. I guess the gals do love the comic books just as much as the guys do!


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Oh Harpy Day

A quick Google search turns up the following: “Brenda Harpy – “a reporter with a heart of gold…cold and hard.” these days Brenda’s given up the news game to go into “promotion and consulting,” positions which I guess don’t require a whole lotta tact.


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