And in the Darkness, Bind Them

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Again, another baby step.  The suspense would be killing me…if it wasn’t resting on the sofa, eating chips and watching Three Stooges shorts while I’m over here trying to type.

I do like how the darkness just encroaches, panel by panel, until Funky and Holly are completely surrounded, and about to be blotted out of their sorry existence.  I’d like to offer some genuine, non-ironic praise for Tom Batiuk’s artistic choice in rendering today’s effort.  Well done!


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14 responses to “And in the Darkness, Bind Them

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Today the usual wry stupid banter has been replaced by anxious stupid banter. The difference is subtle, to say the least. After so many years of sarcasm it’s tough to tell when these characters are supposed to be serious.

    Hey, you know what’d be funny? If the army somehow messed up Cory’s records and the Winkerbeans THOUGHT he was dead! And then after that’s resolved, they could have a doctor tell Holly & Funky that Cory was going to be fine, then have the doctor tell them THAT was a mistake too and he was actually going to die a miserable, lingering death. Then maybe as he was dying he would discover that Frankie was his bio dad too!

    What? Whaddya mean “it’s been done”? Oh….OH, yeah, that’s RIGHT! Never mind then.


    I would suggest they talk about Funky’s ex moving back into town. That seems to be a topic they’ve avoided talking about. I bet Funky was glad for Corey’s apparent demise. It gives him a few days to work on an effective lie for the when Holly inevitably catches Cindy and Funky in bed together.

    Holly : “AAACKK!!!! Funky??!!! Cindy??!! What are you two doing naked in bed??!”

    Funky : You inconsiderate bitch!! Cindy is comforting me over the death of my son.!!!Now why don’t you get out of here and go hunting for Starbuck Jones comics or something!!

  3. Just going out on a limb, I’m going to guess you’ll end up talking about comic books, pizza, or what hell it is getting old.

  4. The Dreamer

    Please please Batiuk, *Kill* Cory! He’s a horribly underdeveloped character whose transformation from juvenile felon to clean cut military made no sense. Put Cory out of his misery! We hate Cory!! But you won’t do that will you? You are going to have Cory go MIA and PTSD afflicted Uncle Wally Winkerbean is going to go overseas to go find him. Well at least don’t have Cory get taken hostage like Wally did. Just say Cory went AWOL, it fits with his character, and have Wally find him in some slum village playing Russian roulette for money. Funky Winkerbean meets the Deer Hunter!

  5. Saturnino

    Why can’t they just be like Crankshaft?

    Look at him. After he had that long discourse with the GR, and almost a serious mistake, he put it under the rug, forgot about it, told nobody (not even Pmm) and it’s as if nothing happened.

  6. More convinced than ever (which means I’ll be wrong, sadly) that the dearly departed will be Rocky. Funky and wife will be relieved that Cory isn’t among the dead, but feel guilty because Rocky is. Nothing drives the economic engine of Westview, better than guilt, death and failure and nobody is more successful at this than the Winkerbean family.

  7. sgtsaunders

    Random Notes: At this point, the death, suffering and general depressive mood that make life in Westview such a dull gray palette are so clichéd, so expected, so obvious you’d think BatAttic would just back away from this storyline…. Funky and Holly seem so acclimated to the Westview Zeitgeist that on every news day that brings more mayhem, death and destruction from Afghanistan they gather round the Teevee to await the inevitable … I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t just shoot Cory themselves when they had the chance to avoid the angst that comes with waiting and watching, although the official sport of Westview is suffering. … Oh, well, it’s nothing a pizza and a comic book can’t cure!

  8. Merry Pookster

    The 1/4″ sad reality is this news is nothing more thence 5 second sound bite on the national news. There is no “play by play”coverage….few care outside of a small circle of friends.

  9. billytheskink

    If Rocky is among the casualties, we will likely get a multiweek story where Rocky’s exasperated and grieving mother gives Holly the last Starbuck Jones issue on Cory’s checklist. This somehow leads to smirking and a one-liner about the permanency of Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben’s deaths.


  10. Fourth panel – “Threesome with Cindy?”

    And seriously, what the fuck are they reporting on from Afkhanistan for hours, if they don’t even know who was on the helicopter? Are they just broadcasting the normal news from on location at the site of the latest tragedy? Is he just reading the sports scores now?

  11. sgtsaunders

    Cory survives the crash but is captured. No one knows this until he is uncovered, discovered and recovered sometime around 2028 by Cindy, by then a traffic reporter in Kandahar. THANK about it.

  12. DOlz

    @sgtsaunders, that’s the most depressing thing I’ve read in a long time. “Funky Winkerbean” still around in 2028, are the fates really that cruel?

  13. DOlz

    P.S. I refuse to Thank about it, hell I don’t even want to think about it.

  14. OK, OK, I get that we’re supposed to sympathize with the Winkerbeans because they’re worried that Cory may have been killed in a Blackhawk down incident. Here are some problems with that:

    1. Cory is a sullen delinquent, and we have seen exactly nothing of the experiences that have supposedly transformed him. He did a chin-up and joined the Army. We are left with the impression that Cory is more likely to have stolen a helicopter than to have died in one.
    2. We hate Funky.
    3. We don’t care about Holly.

    Look, Funky Winkerbean has spent his whole life in Westview. The worst decision he ever made was to quit drinking.