Break A Leg

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Ron Jeremy’s Tony [Isabella]’s overacting ought to tip off anyone that the fix was in, but Holly, being Holly, remains oblivious.  Dickhead John smirks from the back, having made fools of two of his friends.  What a special day for him!

The question here is this–

Will Holly actually pay that quarter, or will she insist on getting the issue for free, because Cory Winkerbean?


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18 responses to “Break A Leg

  1. Hell, I’d unload a copy of Action Comics #1 for a quarter if it meant I didn’t have to look at Holly and DSH ever again.

  2. Rusty

    Just like Montoni’s, only friends and families are patrons of the Garage-Con. I hope he shows us the discussion panel in the driveway that wraps up this epic event.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    During those irritating puff piece “legendary cartoonist” interviews he does, he always talks up his little stories like they’re, you know, actual stories and not just giant pieces of shit like they actually are. And he always gets away with it too, as he damn well knows no one (including the interviewer) actually reads the miserable f*cking thing.

    Well thankfully SoSF exists so the truth can be told. And that truth is that TB is a giant hack who couldn’t write his way out of a soggy paper bag. It’s painfully obvious that, as usual, the legendary cartoonist needed maybe three and a half minutes to sketch this tripe out on a greasy napkin while he was wolfing down another slice, then decided to add one of his “real life” (and I use the term loosely) pals to the mix, probably to help keep himself awake. It’s as good a guess as any, right?

    I guess this Fat Tony asshole is the guy responsible for Batom’s bizarre views regarding the “correct” way to enjoy comic books. Thanks for that, Tone. Now please, for the love of God, take issue #115 home and NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN, OK? F*cking ponderous, man, ponderous.

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “Oh, no — my credit card is still on hold because the bank was suspicious about my being in San Diego! Can anyone spare a quarter?”

  5. Mason Jarr

    Tony Isafatguy is a stroke waiting to happen! You can feed yourself all day with Montonis Pizza and sit around your little Komic Kingdom all day, reading Komic books and masturbating to soft porn. Have a garage sale once in awhile! That ain’t enough physical activity! Fat sloppy Tony is doomed to an early reliance on friends and family to wipe his fat ass. Then he dies.

  6. I’ve never met Tony Isabella, but I remember reading his “Tony’s Tips” columns in Comics Buyers’ Guide way back when, and he always seemed to be a pretty nice guy. As a comics writer, his work always struck me as unremarkable but decent…in other words, light-years ahead of Batiuk’s. I don’t think we should judge him based on Batiuk’s depiction of him.

  7. Charles

    I have to admit I’d be pretty amused if Holly borrows money from Gross John to buy his comic book.

    It’d also be amusing, but less so, if Holly demands to pay Tony a lot of money for it, because she thinks he made an honest mistake. And Gross John jumps in and tries to reveal the nefarious plot, but Tony merely looks at him and says “Do I know you?”

  8. SO DOES THIS MEAN WE’RE ALMOST DONE??? Because I really really can’t take it anymore and I have no idea how this is going to resolve. My guess: stupidly

  9. I look at this buffoonish portrayal of TI, and have to keep reminding myself that TB considers him a friend. And that this story is fun.

    I—I can’t even… OK, deep breath, stay calm…

    Merely wedging a series of premises into a sequence of strips isn’t storytelling, and it sure as hell ain’t writing.

    Well, it can only go uphill from here, right? I mean, at least no one has compared FW unfavorably with Crock, right?

  10. Of course she’s going to be oblivious to the fix being in. Her not being aware of her surroundings is her thing.

  11. Tony should’ve gone full facepalm.

  12. billytheskink

    I think it is kind of unsettling that the cover of issue #115 features Starbuck Jones, firearm drawn, using an unconscious woman as a human shield.

    Slightly less unsettling is Stan Van Gundy’s er… Tony’s acting, which is a stilted exclamation of “I am gobsmacked!” away from being as worse as possible.

  13. bigd1992

    @oddnoc: I’m glad I don’t know TomBat. If he draws his friends this way, imagine how he draws his enemies.

  14. Andrew

    Should I feel bad for wanting to see this ark end with Holly learning Cory dies from an IED or something at this point?

  15. bigd1992

    I’m hoping the arc ends with Funky and Cindy rekindling their relationship.

  16. Charles

    I’m hoping the arc ends with Funky and Cindy rekindling their relationship.

    Well you know, it does have precedent. Funky’s original relationship with Cindy demonstrated that he doesn’t like his wife doing anything that might call her focus away from attending to him and his needs. And if he was petulant to feel that way with Cindy and her lucrative media career, it’s a cinch that he’ll feel the impulse with Holly and her search for comics for mookie.

  17. They’re going to find out that Starbuck Jones #115 was printed with uranium inks, because cancer.

  18. Don

    Am I the only one who gets from the last panel that even Holly realizes that the fix was in?