Ash Friday

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I have no idea how accurate any of this is; it would seem to me that a pencil version of a comic would be so early in the process that copyrighting it would be rather premature.  Supposedly, Jack Kirby would pencil marvelously (no pun intended) detailed landscapes in Thor and Vince Colleta would just cover them in black because he didn’t feel like inking all those details (source: Ronin Ro’s book on Lee and Kirby, Tales to Astonish).

Ordinarily, I’d defer to Tom Batiuk’s knowledge of the comic book process, but since he stumbled rather badly recently, he’s no longer my “go to” guy on this.

But this, all this, is missing the larger point.

Yesterday, Holly finally got the last issue she needed to complete Cory’s collection.   And there was much rejoicing.  Finally, this damned thing is OVER.

Today…well, she’s still looking through the comic boxes.  She has no real reason to do so….

You know what that means, right?  This isn’t over. 

No, now that she’s completed the Starbuck Jones run…now she has to find the “ashcan” versions, because of course Cory would have a great interest in obscure means to control copyright.  And of course she’ll also have to search for all the Giant Size Starbuck Jones, the digest-size reprint books, the crossover titles (Starbuck Jones meets The Kool Aid Man, Starbuck Jones versus Toyman), and on and on and on.

Listen, and understand. That Starbuck Jones quest is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.


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15 responses to “Ash Friday

  1. Epicus Doomus

    It’s yet another classic FW logic chasm (no offense, BC). The exalted comic book expert is such a witless clod that he accidentally tossed a very valuable collectible in with his crappy twenty-five cent clearance books. It’s not just implausible, it’s impossible. These people couldn’t possibly exist in real life, they’d bankrupt themselves within a week. Giving away rare issues, accidentally selling original artwork for a quarter…it’s beyond ridiculous.

    And my God, this comic book lingo is so insufferable. Just another dumb contrivance, all so he can get “ashcan issue” into the story somehow. Like I’ve frequently been saying lately, the attention to detail he puts into making this thing as idiotic as possible boggles the mind.

  2. Wednesday: “Put a rare comic in a quarter bin? That’s crazy talk!”
    Friday: “Oopsie, I put a rare comic in a quarter bin! A-doy-doy!”

  3. sgtsaunders

    What they were concerned about was the title. Besides that, t’ell with it. Hey, is that Les in disguise in P2?

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Who’s the ash hole who comes up with these ridiculous plot twists?

  5. Meanwhile, Cory could already be dead but no one would notice because COMICS.

  6. Flummoxicated

    I wondered how he’d stretch this out till the Sunday cover. I still don’t care, but I wondered.

  7. billytheskink

    Holly’s charmed existence continues. What would she have done had Mr. Goatee decided to spend his day off from working the Walmart gun counter anywhere else?

    Still, the law of Westview, “positive occurrences goeth before a fall”, looms large…

  8. I don’t get it. Did DSHJ acquire the ashcan version of the comic (likely at great expense) and also have Tony salt it into the quarter comic pile, or did Tony somehow accidentally put a collector’s item of enormous value into the quarter comic bin? Will this Sunday’s strip feature an ashcan version of the Comic tribute?

  9. carriekube1

    I feel that Holly is going to get screwed over or Cory will be struck blind by the time he comes back.

  10. It goes without saying that this makes no sense…the reason that publishers made “ashcan editions” was to rush something into print to secure a copyright or trademark. For example, Warren Publishing put out a rough ashcan edition for their first issue of their “Eerie” magazine because they knew another publisher was planning on using the title “Eerie,” so they rushed it into print to claim the trademark. In another instance, DC put out the ashcan “Cancelled Comic Cavalcade” when several of their titles were suddenly cancelled and they needed to make a limited publication to register the copyright on the unpublished stories. There would be no reason to make an ashcan edition during the run of an ongoing series.

    But then, that’s Batom Comics for you…

  11. @Erich, speaking of which: on the official FW blog, TB’s been fabricating an “untold history” of Batom Comics.

  12. Merry Pookster

    To prove his point….. Holly has no feathers.

  13. Flummoxicated

    @TFHackett – good lord, TB is writing fan fic about himself?!