What Baby

SoSfDavidO here! Ya know, we’ve all heard Hollywood makes you self-centered but today’s strip pushes that a bit far, considering Jessica isn’t even out there yet.

Let’s do a quick tally, shall we? So far, Evil Hollywood has sucked away Mopey Pete, Jessica, Darin and Cindy Summers. At this rate there won’t be a Westview left after Les and Co. moves out so he can work on his screenplay. And hey, sure there’s plenty of need in California for greasy, Ohio-style pizza so why not move Montoni’s out there, too? Oscars for everyone!



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20 responses to “What Baby

  1. Pfft, Jessica’s hardly the first person in this strip to completely forget that she has a kid, and she probably won’t be the last.

  2. HAnzMFG

    Hahaaaa, nothing like child abandonment humor.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    The bad part is they’re unloading the truck in California.

  4. I mean, babies are pretty much like furniture, right?

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Oldest gag in the book. But hey, a rare Keisha sighting today! Looks like he nearly remembered how to draw her too…almost. And yeah, that’s some, uh, interesting perspective there with that truck and that sofa, totally surreal.

  6. billytheskink

    Oh no! Jessica forgot that unruled 3×5 index card!

    … and also her and Cayla’s feet, apparently.

  7. I wonder if the women who turned the odd little person babbling about silly funny books down flat fifty years ago realized the depth of his need to avenge himself on them. Every strip that depicts Jessica as having styrofoam packing peanuts for brains is in response to Tommy’s not being given the time of day in favour of sportos and car nuts.

  8. Charles

    Why the hell are they putting the couch in last? They fail packing a trailer forever.

  9. HeyItsDave

    @Charles: They’re not putting the couch in last. They’re putting the baby in last, on the couch.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    So they put the “u maul it” logo on the inside of the truck door?

  11. So while The Author was spending last week having the grumpy old men gripe about a computer algorithm suggesting that they might want to expand their musical horizons he was completely ignoring setting up Jessia MFJDWM’s decision to leave the wonderful confines of Westviewfor the soul-stealing pit of Hollywood. “It’s called writing.”

    And are we to believe that Jessica is going to drive the U-Haul all the way to California herself with the baby sitting next to her? A two thousand-plus mile move like that is usually done by professional movers while mom and child fly the distance. We’re talking long stretches of highway with no towns and services and baby that’s not even old enough to walk yet. Is Darin being paid so little by the production company that they can’t afford it? Are she and the baby going to end up in the apartment with Darin and Mopey Pete?

  12. Are Wally and Rachel lined up to rent the apartment of horror next? Imagine working at the same pizza joint for 20 years in the hope you can finally afford to rent the apartment upstairs.

  13. Chyron HR

    @Gerard Plourde – A two thousand-plus mile move like that is usually done by professional movers while mom and child fly the distance.

    The airline refused to let Jessica and Skyler fly out there, because they (rightly) thought the constant screaming and crying would annoy the other passengers.

    So Skyler will fly to LA by himself while Jessica drives the van.

  14. Do we know for a fact that Jessica and the forgotten child are actually moving out to evil Hollywood, or are they just vacating the premises for Wally and Rachel and their forgotten child, to come in and soak in the lead-lined ceilings of Montoni’s? Maybe the apartment is a perk of the “business manager of Montoni’s” job title.

  15. Professor Fate

    So who ends up moving in? Wally and what’s her face? Or Mason Jarr and Funky’s ex. either way we’re on a collision course with wackiness. (no we’re not but one lives in hope.)


    “We forgot the kid!! Great! Now how are we supposed to do the next time jump in this strip??!!!”

  17. bad wolf

    Wasn’t that the situation in the last few seasons of Laverne & Shirley? Everyone moved out to LA and hung out with each other out there? Weird call-back, TB.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    BanTom is the worst storyteller alive. Just a few months ago Boy Lisa was living in grinding poverty, using garbage as furniture. So what suddenly changed? Why is the family suddenly joining him now? Will they still be living with Pete? Just totally incoherent.

  19. Six more years (and change) of this leaden, dreary indolence. I would shake my head sadly, but it’s already sore from reading this strip.

  20. Jimmy

    @badwolf: You dashed my hopes for getting in the first Laverne & Shirley reference today. HELLO!