Pizza My Mind

Wow, greasy, fattening pizza (which Funky undoubtedly donated) and flat Montoni’s root beer for all! Thanks Jessica! You really know how to show gratitude in today’s strip! You’d think from the look on Jessica’s face she’d just gotten them all tickets to Disneyland. The look on Cayla and Keisha’s faces say it all; please God, not another slice of Westview’s worst and only pizza.


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14 responses to “Pizza My Mind

  1. billytheskink

    Is that a xenomorph chestburster or is Keisha’s right arm just really tiny? Either way, it’s perfect for answering Montoni’s coffee mug-sized telephone.

    Also, who buys (non-pizza) pie from Montoni’s and what hospital were they taken to?

  2. Hey look, Jessica is rewarding her impromptu moving crew the way most groups are compensated! This is truly a worthy subject for a comic strip joke!

  3. Is the boy on Summer’s lap Skyler? How did he manage to go from being a not-quite toddler to what appears to be a three-year-old in the space of minutes? Could it be the anti-matter/time warp effect of Lena’s brownies from Crankshaft and appear to, among other things, give Crankshaft the ability to visit himself at Bedside Manor?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Wow, talk about killing time with filler because you suck as a writer, what a needless bunch of claptrap this piece of garbage is. He spent more time on that Montoni’s drawing than he has on “writing” the last year’s worth of this thing, get a load of the detail there. And what’s with Jessica, she looks like she’s about to burst into a rousing rendition of “High Hopes” or something. And the less said about the rest of them the better, yuck what a mess. Doesn’t Jessica’s mother still exist or did she die too?

    Coming later in 2016: tragedy strikes FW as little baby Skyler is killed when his makeshift bed constructed entirely of pizza boxes collapses during a moderate earthquake. A grief-stricken Mr. and Mrs. Boy Lisa never appear in the strip again. Les writes a book about it, entitled “Skyler’s Story: The Other Pizza Comic Book”.

  5. The irritating thing about all of this is that Batiuk isn’t making it clear as to where she’s moving to. Is it the craphole apartment in the Valley or did they parlay the pizza app to a rancher near to Ann and Frrrrrrd?

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Well, it looks like Batty took the day off again.

  7. I had the same thought about the kid – he aged 2 1/2 years in one day.

  8. Strrrrretching it all into one panel! Yeah, there’s the ticket! Getting to 50 years should be pretty easy if I tell stories one panel at a time. Hm. Come to think of it, maybe we don’t even need stories at all! Maybe I’ll just make every day about boring, smirking people doing boring things! This is so much easier than writing something that might interest people.

  9. Tomorrow – Dessert!!

  10. HeyItsDave

    Aw, sweet! My favorite character is back! Oh, Green Pitcher, I’ve missed you – and I see you’ve brought a friend!

    @Epicus Doomus is right – Jessica is going to sing us The Song Of Her People (while Keisha and Cayla are like, “Show tunes, amirite?”)

  11. sgtsaunders

    For what it’s worth, pizza and root beer seems to be a pretty nasty combination of flavors.


    You know what would be funny. If Funky actually charged them for the food.

  13. Professor Fate

    Obvious place holder – still you know it would be nice to know where she is going. I assume California but I can’t say for sure – and when did she decide to do this? and of course who then takes over the apartment? But no we have root beer and Pizza.

  14. Epicus Doomus

    HeyItsDave: She looks kind of like Bette Midler there.

    Professor Fate: Our old friend Wally has dibs on The Apartment. His master plan is at long last coming to fruition.