Dopes on a Rope

You know what’s not really funny? Piracy. Not like “Download a bad copy of Secret Life of Pets” type piracy but actual open seas piracy. I’m guessing the Chinese know how to deal with the menace. One little blast of a firehose in today’s strip and these two are fish food.



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16 responses to “Dopes on a Rope

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Seriously? A nerd like Pete, who actually wrote the Superman comic, hasn’t seen the Batman show? Just when you thought this strip couldn’t get any more unbelievable . . .

  2. Oh good grief (to quote a vastly superior comic strip). Tom Batiuk–just stop trying to write these “stories” and rename the strip “DC Fanboy Central.” You can then feel free, without let or hindrance, to just make every single strip a homage to how much you love DC comics and everything associated with them.

    PS: I seriously doubt that either Darrin or Pete could scale the side of a ship, given that the only exercise they do on a regular basis is twisting their mouths into scowls.

  3. billytheskink

    I guess the Coast Guard in the Batiukverse is really terrible at their job, which puts them on par with these two idiots… and pretty much every other employed person we’ve seen in this strip, actually. I cannot think of a single person in this strip who is good at their job.

    I think it is Darin who claims to have not seen the old Batman TV show. The black-clad sayer of “no, why?” has a slightly pointier nose than the sayer of all the other text. Not that it makes any more sense with Darin instead of Pete, Durwood’s a nerd too. Oh, and his bio-mom was married while dressed like Robin from the TV show… at a wedding Darin attended, dressed as the Lone freaking Ranger.

  4. 1966tvbatman

    I love the old Batman TV show (Adam and Burt are friends of mine) so I did get a kick out of this one. Who’s subbing for TB? There hasn’t been any smirking cancer the last couple of days.

  5. Um, you guys forgot to drop your sails before you left the boat. That sucker’s going to be at Catalina by the time they come back for it.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    While IMO it isn’t the worst visual gag he’s ever done, the dialog is dumb, the characters are indistinguishable from one another (not that it especially matters) and, most of all, this can’t possibly be really happening. I mean sure, this BanTom guy can be utterly baffling and all but there’s just no way Boy Lisa and Pete are illegally boarding a ship by scaling the hull, just like there was no way Lisa was going to keep the baby or live. I suspect some sort of chicanery is afoot here.

  7. 1966tvbatman

    It’s nice to see that they repaired the hole in the sail before they started climbing.

  8. 1966tvbatman

    Maybe if the sailors on board hit these knuckle knobs, action words will come out of their hands.

  9. He isn’t Batman. He’s some spoiled brat risking either jail time or getting straight-up murdered because he won’t change his brand of pen and he’s too dumb to understand what air freight is. Meanwhile, the Mudhens took sixty years to figure out that Bull’s granddad screwed Crankshaft over for shits and giggles because they’re stupid too. We should tell Jamie Farr about that….he might be able to do something about Batiuk.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    So are we to assume that Darrin and Pete have been working out regularly at the gym to build upper arm strength and also have been learning mountaineering techniques so that they have the necessary skills to pull this caper off?

    (It’s worth noting that Batty’s rendering of Batman and Robin in the first panel accurately reflects the way the sequences were filmed, i.e. actors on flat floor crossing right to left. The camera was tilted 90 degrees to make it appear they were climbing a vertical surface.)

  11. The difference is Batman and Robin were trying to stop criminals, while these two assclowns *ARE* the criminals…

  12. HeyItsDave

    Damn, this arc was just starting to get funny when BAM! KA-POW! Out of nowhere, fanboy T-Bats has to rub his DC boner and spit out a hamhanded Batman reference.

    From the time Boy Lisa pointed at the container ships off shore and made up his mind to go out there and get his pens to the panel where the grappling hook goes through the sail… shit, son, if that had been Shemp Howard and Larry Fine doing that in a 1940’s short, I would have been laughing.

    Batuik didn’t have to ruin the fun, either…all he would have had to do is make today’s strip a single panel – leave out the Batman drawing, and make the reference more subtle – and today’s installment wouldn’t have sucked.

  13. In the Battyverse, no price is too high when Art is involved…

  14. I’m guessing that’s Sammy leaning out the open window.



    I’ll state again that this has been one of the better series of strips Batiuk has done in years.

    But it is not without several of the problems Batiuk has developed.

    The Batman reference was not needed. The allusion works based on the visual alone.

    Also..I cannot express this more…this would be a whole lot humerous if we CARED about the characters. I still don’t give a shit about whether Mopey Pete & Durwood die on this little idiotic excursion. If this were Opus and Steve Dallas doing this, yes I would be interested since I like and care about both characters even when they are doing ridiculous things.

  16. Does anybody else wonder why Batty didn’t save this for his big Sideways Sunday strip? Did DC say “Hell no!” when he asked them if he could “borrow” one of their franchise characters? Did all the great “Batman” artists say “Hell no!” when he invited them to do a fake comic cover in return for a tip of the felt-tip pen? Enquiring minds want to know…

    Enquiring minds also want to know what a reference to a nearly half-century old TV show has to do with “contemporary issues affecting young adults.” I suspect that if you mention Adam West to most young adults, their first association would be with his recurring appearances in “Family Guy,” not a campy TV show from their parents’ time.