Well, I have no idea what’s going on in today’s strip. There’s no preview available, and apparently Comics Kingdom is having some problems with Advance Digital, which hosts a number of newspaper websites like (New Jersey), (Springfield MA), the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and so on. CK just isn’t displaying any of their comics on Advance sites, though rival GO! Comics is doing just fine.

Anyway, Saturday’s strip will eventually appear on, the syndicate’s home site. We’ll catch up with the snarking in the morning, and I’ll post an edit then.

Saturday AM Edit:

Ha! Funky’s always busting Tony’s cogliones for having stupid ideas, and today he finds that payback’s a bitch. So what it it probably cost him five hundred dollars to win a hundred-dollar bet? He gets bragging rights and Funky looks like a dumbass on The You Tubes.

And lest we forget, a special award of One Thousand Internets goes to spacemanspiff85, for his prescient comment on the 24th:

That’ll be useful for flying food up to the Comix Corner.



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  1. Most perplexing! The comics sites have been flaky these last couple days. Comic’s Kingdom just put up Saturday’s strip:

  2. Should have seen that coming–he is their only customer, after all. (Well, there’s Crazy Harry, but all he does is sit around and drink coffee.)

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Welp, that f*cking Batiuk tripped me up yet again. The pizza drone does indeed fly, he did indeed draw it and he even salvaged something approaching a semi-serviceable gag out of it too. By FW standards, anyway. While it wasn’t as good as seeing Boy Lisa die, it’s still two “highlight” moments in a row for BanTom, which shatters the previous record of none. Too bad it took six days to get there, though. And that dumb “trending” remark really sucks the life out of the room too. It’s like he just can’t resist adding that last unfunny touch, just to be sure FW continues to appeal to no one.

    So what DID ever happen to Buddy? For several years literally every single Wally appearance featured that dog prominently. So where the hell is he? Is he just sitting upstairs, getting all fat and lazy and staring out the window wistfully, wondering why his master doesn’t want him by his side anymore? Did a now fully-recovered Wally take Buddy “to live upstate on a farm” after he realized he didn’t need to make terrible dog-related puns every two seconds once his PTSD cleared up? Did BanTom just throw in the towel regarding drawing dogs? The original “Wally gets a service dog” was actually probably the best-received arc of Act III and Buddy was easily the most popular character in the strip. So what gives on his sudden banishment?

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Now that it’s been established that John is never planning to screw his wife again, and all he has to do to get pizza is lean out the window, I think it’s just a matter of time before he’s literally too fat to leave that store.

  5. Some business model. Don’t develop a customer base, just airlift your shitty pizza to the only person who’ll pay to have it delivered.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Ah, Batty kept the strip modern and relevant today by mentioning YouTube. No wonder millennials love this strip.

  7. Rusty

    I’m pretty certain things trend on Twitter, not Youtube, but I’m not in touch with the youth of today.

  8. Unseen third panel: the drone, its power completely exhausted after lifting a pizza carrier, crashes to the sidewalk and breaks into a billion pieces. Because no one wanted to take the stairs.

    So, if this was an actual delivery to someplace else, how would they handle it if the customer also wanted a couple of 2-liter Pepsi bottles?

    And if the drone just releases its cargo, how does Montonis get the delivery bag back? Or are those so cheap they can lose several dozen?

    Why do I think I’ve put more thought into this than someone I could name?

  9. Funky is a moron. If I’d been him. I would’ve asked when the delivery was.

  10. Not Funky

    BRAVO! (and I’m not being sarcastic.) This is the first time I’ve ever seen the snarker come back to update an unavailable strip at a later time. Please keep it up.