Miss Exposition

Here’s a post for the late night snarkers while I go see some movie!

Link to today’s strip.



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20 responses to “Miss Exposition

  1. 1966tvbatman

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Really?

  2. At last! The return of a character who hates the other characters as much as we do! I’m hoping this time they have effective weapons. Of course, “hope” is something the Funkyverse extinguished long ago, so…

  3. billytheskink

    Oh good grief… We just sat through days of tedious Masone-Marianne small talk, now we have to watch a TV tabloid report on it?

    In the real world, these two would be working in food service full-time.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Frankie & Lenny??? Huh???? Color me stunned. While I’ve always enjoyed the cut of Frankie’s jib, something tells me BanTom is about to go off on a tangent here that has “stupid” written all over it. I hope Jessica resurfaces too as I always enjoy her looks of disgust re: the Frank-Meister.

  5. Rusty

    I was thinking that Frankie Hollywood may have a shot at being Jupiter Moon’s deadbeat dad, and here he is.

  6. Great clunky exposition, Frankie! Great clunky exposition!

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Frankie goes to Hollywood?

  8. spacemanspiff85

    I’ve got to imagine that there’s at least some screening of the workers on a film studio. Enough screening to find out that they work for a gossip site, at least. Or that one of them was creating TV shows a few years ago.

  9. iansdrunkenbeard

    Say what you will about the artiste’s drawing skills, but at least Frankie is distinctly drawn and immediately recognizable. He looks like no one else in the strip; in fact, he looks like a crossover from Dick Tracy. Perhaps he is Tracy’s illegitimate son. Tip of the funky felt tip to Chester Gould?

  10. He forgot to have Lenny exclaim, “Mwahhahaaa!”

  11. I have the sickening feeling that we’re in a hospital room watching Cindy remind herself how it all went so terribly wrong as they stitch up her botched suicide attempt. She lost her credibility, her boyfriend and her job and now, she has nothing but regret. We can call the resultant idiot revenge fantasy Stunned-Set Boulevard.

  12. @spacemanspiff85 Real-world job applications include things like work history, training, references, reason for leaving former job and “what is your Social Security number?” All of which normally gets checked.

  13. Gerard Plourde

    Really? A movie gossip internet site that has the resources to waste to embed someone full-time at the studio? And neither the studio nor the caterer does background checks on prospective employees? Just transcribing and submitting the first thing that pops into your head isn’t “called writing”.

  14. 1. So based on the comments, these two mooks are recurring characters? How many more Westview folks can TB squeeze into the Los Angeles city limits??

    2. GOD DAMMIT THE HELL FUCK SHIT MOVIE SETS DON’T WORK THAT WAY!!! Certainly the stars of a $100 million movie production would have their own on-site personal chefs (or at the very least, a high-end caterer) instead of swilling this shit… I know, I know — TB is trying to show that Masone is still a “regular” dude who deep down still has his small-town, middle-class sensibilities, but he always has to take it to an extreme…

    3. So let me get this straight — All the outrageous shit that has happened before, (i.e., Masone going to Nowhereville, Ohio for two weeks to read comic books, Masone getting engaged to a 50-something former newscaster 15-20 years his senior who shows off her age-defying sag-free body at every opportunity, Cindy getting all her lowlife loser cronies from the old hometown put on the studio payroll, Masone digging up Cliffe Angere and throwing a geezer-geek party for him in Cleveland complete with ovaltine and PB+J sandwiches, a school bus crashing a movie set, and not even 30 minutes ago in comics time a jealous Cindy getting all catty with Marianne, etc.) was somehow *NOT* catnip for the celeb-whoring gossip sites, but Masone having a casual lunch conversation with Marianne *IS*??

    4. As others have mentioned, no way would some random food truck vendors be allowed anywhere near a set without a background check, and probably signing a non-disclosure agreement or whatever…

  15. Smirks 'R Us

    I have faith that BatHack will tie this story up in a nice little bow and make it even more unfunny and nonsensical than it already is.

  16. Jimmy

    This is beginning to feel like late period “I Love
    Lucy” or “Laverne & Shirley”. The only question is whether Lisa’s Ghost will make move west to Hollyweird (as I’m sure Batiuk calls it with a wry smirk).

  17. 5. So what happens when our two gossip spies out themselves to cash in? That little bit of change they’ll get from DMZ is nothing compared to what they’ll owe when the studio sues them for breach of contract/fraud for you know, not actually being real food vendors with the appropriate permits and licenses…


    Oh, FFS. Okay. Look I LOVE that Franky has returned. But what the fuck is the point if his evil schemes are on par with Snidley Whiplash? Frankie has so much potential to be a menacing figure it’s disappointing. If somebody doesn’t wind up with their quesadilla spiked with polonium I will be dissapointed!!

  19. Eldon of Galt

    Gotta admit, I’m laughing already, just thinking about how badly Batiuk is going to botch this “evil Frankie” story-line. What will the world’s dumbest blackmailer try this time?
    And when is everything going to stop being grey? Since it doesn’t make any kind of sense anyway, it could end tomorrow or go on forever. Talk about unfocused and random.

  20. bayoustu

    So, is DMZ higher on the infotainment food chain than Buddy Blog? I’ll bet it is!! Boy- that withered crone, Cindy, really is a loser!