How I Took A Week And A Half To Meet Your Mother

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That look on Mason’s face in panel two is without a doubt the look of a man who’s just become very aroused by the thought of meeting his sexy young co-star’s mother, who’s probably just about in his wheelhouse age-wise too. I just love how oblivious and blithe he is about it all too, like he doesn’t give a damn about Cindy and her jealous nonsense anymore, not when there’s a hot starlet’s mom out there just dying to meet him.

And check out Frankie, lurking around with his cell phone camera like some low-budget Allen Funt, still ominously sneering away with abandon. Heh heh heh, this will serve that Mason Jarre right for, uh, being his first paying customer and, uh…what’s the point of this again? Oh yeah, that’s right, TomBan never bothered to tell us what Frankie’s motives are here so as of right now it’s just stuff happening for no apparent reason. In other words, your typical FW Act III story.


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19 responses to “How I Took A Week And A Half To Meet Your Mother

  1. Ray

    Are they holding hands in panel 1? Looks like they could be, but with the weird angles BanTom draws, one never knows.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Very high on the list of things I wish I’d never seen Batiuk draw: a “sexy” girl’s cleavage.
    Also, did Frankie just follow them around the whole time from when they changed out of costume to walking all the way to the parking lot?

  3. Jimmy

    Westview Oncologist made a great point yesterday about Mason and Marianne being careful with their words, no matter who is around.

    Speaking of being around, wouldn’t Cindy be here somewhere? I assume they drive together since I’ve only ever seen one woman behind the wheel in FW; we all know how Cell Phone Girl turned out.

  4. billytheskink

    These two will eat lunch in costume, but drive to Van Nuys in costume? That’s a bridge too far…

    Very high on the list of things I wish I’d never seen Batiuk draw: a “sexy” girl’s cleavage.

    From the neck down, I can’t tell which way Marrianne is facing.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Jimmy: Cindy is running around with Cliff Anger, presumably filming her documentary about the former recluse-turned-bit player. So based on what we’ve seen so far, right after having a talk about Cindy’s jealous outbursts, Mason immediately took his co-star out to eat then hopped in his convertible with her and took a cruise through Hollywood to go visit her mother on a whim.

    So perhaps Cindy’s tantrums aren’t all that irrational at all, if the goal is to torture the former “hot girl” from high school, that is. Maybe that’s the whole point here, like how Bull was just recently punished one more time. Perhaps this isn’t supposed to be funny because Cindy’s fears are unfounded but because this is all happening to her.

  6. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Did Maryanne Summers Winters Spring’s hair grow out since we last saw her? I recall her having that same 14 year old boy haircut Batty likes to give his younger women — like Summer and Becky for example.

    Anyway, I guess this is supposed to be a big time scandal. “Starbucks Jones star cheats on his 56 year old girlfriend with co-star closer to his own age!!”

    If I’m watching the show, I’m saying, “Well… good!”

  7. This is mutating into a plot line from “Three’s Company” on us. We have the innocent situation, the axe-crazy idiot woman with trust issues, the inevitable blow-up and laughter at the crazy woman’s expense. All that’s missing is an impotence joke aimed at Norman Fell.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Does anyone in the world find this interesting? Still amazed Batty gets paid for this.

  9. What kills me here is how the dialogue is a direct continuation from yesterday – panel three had her asking a question, and today panel one has him answering it – but visually a minimum of at least 30 minutes and probably more has elapsed. Those space suits don’t just get dumped at the food truck, ya know.

  10. So how does Marianne get to work in the morning? Take a bus? And she still lives at home with her mother? Pretty dismal existence for a high profile movie actress.

  11. Rusty

    @Epicus: Fantastic post title/headline.
    Frankie is doing this for the sweet DMZ cash, he hasn’t pursued a traditional Batiuk career of high school teacher, pizza worker, or comic book purveyor.

  12. It should be obvious by now that everybody even remotely involved with CME owes some enormous debt to Masoné Jar-Jarré. There is no other way to explain how a supposed B-movie actor could command a private jet, rewrite the script on the fly, and give a cameo-turning-to-major-part to some guy he found in a New York City slum and not have been fired. Even Frankie cannot escape the thrall of Jar-Jarré.


    Um, its’ one thing to be polite. It’s another thing to take a hot girl in your car when she can fucking use her own transportation. And what makes this worse is that you were the one that offered. You cannot play innocent on this on Masone.

    Plus, Frankie can’t be the only paparazzi that could be stalking these two. Marianne Winters is at least popular enough that there has to be Celebrity Skin photographers are trailing her.

  14. So, is this the end of the day for them? I think the folks pointing out who’s in who’s car have a point–it reminds me of Bull’s wife waiting by the curb when he drove off in a rage.

  15. Professor Fate

    So is Cindy hiding in the Trunk?

  16. You know who’s going to be really cheesed off?
    Frankie’s boss. I can just hear him bellowing now.

    “You idiot! You were following Mason’s stunt double the entire time! These guys look nothing alike, except for the hair!”

  17. Jimmy

    Great catch, BC!

  18. Chyron HR

    Mason and What’s-Her-Face, sitting in a tree
    S-O-L-O C-A-R D-A-T-I-N-G

  19. “I’d love to meet your mother, Marianne.”

    Marianne is her own mother?