Theater of the Absurd

Sorry for the delay, I was trying to get a refund after I realized that Row 11, seats 7-10 were taken! Here’s a link to today’s strip.


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15 responses to “Theater of the Absurd

  1. Gerard Plourde

    So where did the parents go? Did they just drop those kids off to see the movie unchaperoned?

    I can’t help but wonder if Batty is relating an experience he had when he went to see a superhero movie.

  2. billytheskink

    Is Crazy counting the fingers on his suddenly thumb-less hands?

    Sad to see Westview-Centerville’s youth smirking at such a young age. I prefer to go to non-smirking theaters.

    Ok, I apologize for that last line.

  3. This might have worked much better if:
    1. The incident had happened in a regular multiplex during a first-run showing of a science fiction film, as opposed to happening in an art theater showing a 74 year old film that most adults aren’t interested in going to a theater to see, much less a family of three young children. It’s basically just a contrived excuse for TB to wheedle in another reference to the Valentine theater and an obtuse Crankshaft crossover.
    2. He didn’t waste four whole days to set up the joke. He could have easily done the whole thing in one Sunday strip in place of the terrible hot flash/power surge joke he used this week.

  4. Speaking of kids, I wonder what happened to Crazy’s kids? We’ve seen Maddie only once since she graduated, and the other two boys–I think they’re two boys, have been seen only once in Act III. The new generations was given such a buildup at the start of Act III, now they’re mostly gone. We haven’t seen Cory since his engagement. We hardly see Keisha, and even Summer, Daughter of St. Lisa, has seldom been seen. Batiuk has some ‘splanin’ to do.

    Of course he won’t do it.

  5. According to IMDB, Casablanca was recorded in mono with a visual aspect ratio of 1.37:1, so it pretty much doesn’t matter where you sit.

  6. louder

    Like how Crazy gets to the seat and is surprised the kids are there — he really didn’t know they were already there? Gesh! an utterly stupid series of comics.

  7. @dougputhoff: “Speaking of kids, I wonder what happened to Crazy’s kids? We’ve seen Maddie only once since she graduated, and the other two boys–I think they’re two boys, have been seen only once in Act III.”

    Dec. 2007:

  8. Epicus Doomus

    What can you even say here? It took two whole days for this dumb gag to play out, too. Just pick a f*cking seat already, I mean the guy is a grown man for crying out loud.


    Good Lord!!!! Is that Rutherford B. Hayes about to make out with Andrew Jackson in the new header???!! No, I don’t want to see Presidential Rule 34, guys!!!

  10. Ahh, my power has been out I have been updating from my phone unsuccessfully

  11. Professor Fate

    As noted by others, where are the parents? Personally, I’d like to think they are driving away at high speed.

  12. spacemanspiff85

    Is Harry really counting down to when he sits in his seat? He can’t be counting seat numbers, #1 wouldn’t be in the middle of the row. So he has to be counting down like it’s a rocket launch. That’s such a dumb and lame thing, and so weird that I really think it’s something Batiuk himself does.

  13. The irritating thing is not that he’s going to moan about how terrible it that a fussy old goat…..sorry, “young adult”….isn’t going to be able to “enjoy” his very stupid interest or that we’re forced to watch him avenge himself on children who don’t know who he is. The irritating thing is how long it’s taking.

  14. Harry should pull a “Westview” and sit right in front of those kids so that they can’t see anything. And smirk the entire time.

  15. Charles

    And just think! If Crazy wasn’t being a smug asshole by lecturing that refugee from Crankshaft about which seat is the best, he could have gotten there before those three kids.

    And no, you don’t want to sit in front of them because they’ll kick your seat. You sit behind them and have your wife Jabba wheeze and drool all over them while your no doubt tremendous body funk does the rest of the work.