Adventures In Chocolateering

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Well, he’s resuming one of FW’s twenty thousand dangling plot threads, so that’s something. Unfortunately, though, it’s this one. Dinkle and his perpetually-ignored wife are traveling to Belgium to cash in big-time on Dinkle’s outrageous WHS band candy scam, but unfortunately for both Harry is a complete imbecile whose devotion to marching bands has left him totally unable to perform simple everyday tasks like a regular person. And because this is FW and he’s dealing with a government agency (at the airport no less), incompetence, annoyances and non-stop hassles are in store for everyone…including FW readers…assuming there are any, of course.


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14 responses to “Adventures In Chocolateering

  1. Thank goodness TB used the squiggly border for the second panel; the jump cut from the high school to the airport would have been terribly disconcerting. As Batiuk runs out the clock on the way to Funky’s fiftieth, look for more strips like this one which repurpose gags from earlier strips that weren’t funny the first time.

  2. billytheskink

    Even when Dinkle isn’t there, he dominates Lefty’s thoughts. Sad, terrifying, or both?

    I can’t say I want to read about it for a week, but I wouldn’t at all mind seeing Dinkle get detained and arrested by the TSA. It won’t happen, of course, as it would prove there is a shred of justice in the Batiukverse.

  3. count of tower grove

    So it appears that Batiuk remembered that Dinkle’s wife isn’t Holly.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    “Okay, whatever. Once again, though, the district’s cutting the band program, so you need to be out by the end of the day. If you need any help with your boxes, Cody and Owen are still hanging around the parking lot.”

  5. Epicus Doomus

    I love BanTom’s premise-establishing opening panels, especially the premise re-establishing ones. Just starting the arc at the airport and assuming the readers would remember the Belgium trip was just too much of a risk to take, thus Becky and Nate helpfully get the readers back up to speed while also making the story one panel shorter which will come in handy when this stupid idea peters out just like they all do.

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Panel 1: TSA agent: “Quit grinnin’, and drop your linen!”

    Panel 2: “If I were you, I’d have a doctor check out that prostate.”

  7. Great. A whole damned week that’s dedicated to that old fool sour-pussing because he has to follow the same rules as boring, ordinary people who are NOT The Greatest Band Director EVAH!!!

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Additional screening….perhaps a cancer screening?

  9. Apparently his wife’s hair turned white in the past 25 days….

  10. Comic Book Harriet

    We don’t actually know that this is what is happening to Dinkle at the airport. The squiggly line indicates the airport scene is happening in Becky’s imagination. She is just HOPING that Dinkle will subjected to the banal pontificating and prodding, judging, fingers of power tripping jerkwads…THEN he’ll know what it’s like.

  11. The look on Principal Nate’s face in the first panel says “Why the fuck are you telling me this?”, and that’s exactly what I asked myself when I read today’s strip. He can’t just have Harry and Harriet (whose hair color changed from blond to pure white since the last time we saw her) show up in Brussels without a week of regurgitating tired TSA tropes that weren’t funny the first ten times he used them.

  12. Tomorrow, Dinkle is on the plane, hearing that the flight will be several hours. He holds up a stack of Starbuck Jones comics and says, “Good thing I brought plenty of reading material.”

    Right? Right? I bet a certain person is kicking himself right now, saying, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that!”

  13. You know, after thinking about this on and off for a year, basically whenever T B posts another Match To Flame installment – I won’t even get into that self-aggrandizing title – I have decided that John Darling isn’t clever in the least. I get all the references and recognize all characters and understand the cultural/temporal context, and they aren’t in the least bit funny, much less quality satire. The only redeeming factor is the art, which is occasionally decent caricature – and TB wasn’t the artist, even though he happily signed his name to the strip.

  14. spacemanspiff85

    @Fred Blurt:
    John Darling just seems like what would happen if you gave the artist of those kids drawing books, like “How to Draw 101 Celebrities”, a comic strip.