Les Quizérables

Hello SOSFers, billytheskink here to ponder the ponderous ponderings of this comic strip with you all for the next couple weeks.

Why does Garfield hate Mondays? He’s a cat, he doesn’t have a job. His owner doesn’t have a job that keeps him from making lasagna on Mondays (or a job at all, even… is Jon still supposed to be a cartoonist?). I guess Mondays are when Nermal shows up, but that happens on rare occasions and Nermal always sticks around for at least a week anyways, making whole weeks terrible.

I have just now realized that Garfield hates Mondays because he read today’s strip, and it is hard to blame him. I think I hate Mondays now too.

We have seen Les berate his students before (including just under a month ago, in fact), but this time he has decided to leave the classroom door wide open so passers by can hear him humiliate every single student he has been charged with teaching. You know, maybe this is TB’s attempt to bring a balanced perspective to this strip. He’s done an anti-bullying story arc, why not a pro-bullying one?


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13 responses to “Les Quizérables

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is BatNom/Les seriously suggesting that “senior citizens” are stupid? Why wouldn’t a “senior citizen” be able to pass a high school English quiz? A really dumb joke and an inadvertent foot in the mouth too. Nicely done.

  2. billytheskink

    A teacher who belittles his teenage students by telling him they are more stupid than the elderly… this is the comic’s protagonist, folks.

  3. bigd1992

    The senior citizens had better teachers than this jag off

  4. Gerard Plourde

    BaTom’s backhanded slap at his reading audience is noteworthy but I’m also confused as to who the students are who Les is addressing.It’s May.The school year wrapping up. Is he yelling at the current senior class, who should be graduating in about a month and by this time would deeply infected with “senioritis” and consequently could care less about tests and quizzes?

  5. Jimmy

    You’re all right. What gives at this jab at senior citizens, who should have a better grasp on the language than graduating high school seniors.

    What really bothers me about Les is his complete lack of any introspection, yet he’s the hero of this strip. I am in education, and I am constantly performing assessment. When the bulk of students perform below benchmarks, it’s likely I am the issue and need to make changes to better serve them (this does not mean making the curriculum easier). Evaluating outcomes is not much different than the management control process, which usually finds the system at fault.

    But no, dickyface (kudos to whoever coined that) just wants to believe the students are always the problem.

    Sorry, just had to get that rant out there.

  6. Jimmy

    Question mark, not period. I bet even senior citizens know how to use punctuation.

  7. Les simply cannot indulge in introspection. Doing so would mean that he would have to face the fact that he started out as a clueless little dolt who had no idea why his parents despaired of his future and finished as someone who’s actively destroying any impulse to love literature in hundreds because he’s terrible at his job. Whatever Les should have done with his life, it should not have been this….but he’s too stupid and blind to see it.

  8. Also, if students make logical, sensible complaints that blame the inept, unsympathetic failure with the punchable face, they’re in the wrong because Batiuk also doesn’t want to admit that he’s an omnishambles too. He’s like a sub-par coffee maker: from bean to cup, he fucks up.

  9. Les fucking sucks at his job and at life, resentfully takes it out on teenagers and his purported best friend without the slightest bit of irony or self-reflection…

    And he’ll have the unmitigated gall to be outraged and play dumb when some student pops all four tires of his car with an icepick on the last day of school, or when Bull/Funky finally grow their ballsacks back and punch Les’ ugly mug into the middle of next week…

  10. Hey Batiuk I don’t know if you read yesterday’s “Dustin”, but that’s a pretty good example how how a middle-aged woman can still be drawn attractive and sexy without taking a 24-year-old Playboy Playmate and drawing a solitary ‘wrinkle line’ under each eye, ala Cindy….

  11. bobanero

    Less truly is the author’s avatar here, as he approaches his teaching job with the same attitude that TB approaches his writing job.

  12. Comic Book Harriet

    There a some subjects in where an average senior citizen would probably do worse than a high school senior, either because the times have changed, or because you don’t use the skill in everyday life, science, math, current social studies etc.

    English is just about the only subject where a senior citizen is very very likely to do better. Especially since they used to actually teach grammar as a separate class in, ‘the olden days.’ Now they just throw them into ‘Language Arts’ and expect them to feel it out.

  13. Professor Fate

    Les proves he’s a lousy teacher part 437
    Still this excise in meanness calls to mind the Pink Floyd Lyrics from the wall:
    “When we grew up and went to school
    There were certain teachers who would
    Hurt the children any way they could
    By pouring their derision
    Upon anything we did
    Exposing every weakness
    However carefully hidden by the kids”
    You know what would make a real deep arc – if Les were to realize as his days as a teacher are winding down that he is a bad teacher and that he has not, not once managed to instill in any of his students his love of the written word (Granted he seems mostly to love the words written by him but lets’ let that go for now) having to face the fact of the hundreds of young minds he has dealt with not one would say in later days ‘yes Les Moore gave me the love of reading and writing that has led me here’ . He has to face up to his failure and then move on some how.
    Granted it’s not an original story the Play/Movie The Browning Version has the basics but nobody has ever confronted the main character of a comic strip with this kind of inner crisis if he did this author might be able show that comics can handle any story line not just disease or cause of the week,
    But of course he won’t – and that’s sad because this really could fly. Les would have to re-examine his whole life to figure out how he got here a bitter angry man who abuses students and teaches them nothing.
    last quick note a friend of mine is a college professor and she related that at a sparsely attented retirement party for a rather disliked professor said professor made a speech saying that he realized that he was a failure as a teacher as he was never able to inspire any of his students with the love of Dickens that he felt and he was going to have to live with that fact. He was a brilliant scholar but not a good teacher. My friend who has a good great gave him a hug said she always enjoyed his teaching and then when she got to her car broke down and cried.
    Come on Tom you can do this . It’s realer the Starbuck Jones for sure.