Immobile, Fragile, Docile!

Today’s strip is a dramatic improvement over yesterday’s, for obvious reasons.

It is not, of course, without its issues:

– First and foremost, what does Not-Monroe expect the school to do about his lunch complaint? Bus kids out for lunch? They’re freshman, they couldn’t leave campus for lunch even if they had a car. They’re 14-15 years old and don’t have drivers licenses. Unless, of course, they were held back, which is certainly possible. Bernie was a freshman last year too

– Second, the only place that the seniors with cars could go out for lunch and get back in time for class is Montoni’s. The freshmen stuck eating cafeteria food are undoubtedly coming out ahead from that angle.

– Third, who is this “they” that Bernie speaks of? The seniors? The faculty? Wall Street? I enjoy a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, Bernie, but it is not interesting if you are not specific about who is trying to keep you down.


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14 responses to “Immobile, Fragile, Docile!

  1. Gerard Plourde

    I may be showing my lack of knowledge about current school practices but I can’t imagine that seniors are permitted to leave campus for lunch. In my experience, students could leave campus after their last class but not for a single 45-50 minute period in the middle of their schedule.

  2. the dreamer

    can we get back to Hollywood already! nobody cares about Westview High now that most of the original characters have retired or left town, and even their kids are graduated. We want to see how the Starbuck Jones movie is going and get more shots of Cindy in a bikini!

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Can’t you just bring your own lunch?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Back in the 1980s we were (sort of) allowed to leave school grounds for lunch but nowadays the average public school is locked down for the day. And of course “the seniors” can drive…they’re older than you are, moron.

    And spacemanspiff85 makes a good point, why doesn’t he just bring his lunch? I can’t believe he’s still doing these dusty old school cafeteria food gags, BatNom hasn’t been anywhere near a high school cafeteria in fifty years. No attempt to forge a personality for any of these “new” WHS characters, just the same old bad jokes he was using back in 1980. Why even bother?

  5. billytheskink

    What is that on the end of Sleepy Shermy’s fork? A bouquet of flowers, or perhaps Frieda’s “naturally curly hair”?

  6. @billytheskink Please, don’t flatter Batiuk in any way with the Charles Schulz references. He already likens himself to Sparky.

  7. Chyron HR

    Does Batiuk think that “freshman fifteen” refers to the number of years before you advance a grade?

  8. Well, they’ve got started on being passive, apathetic and morose jerks who insist that they’re helpless in the face of the forces alleged to be arrayed against them.

  9. Doc

    Why does Bubba Watson have the word DONG, in huge letters, on his cap…over in Crankshaft land?

  10. Yeah, we know every insufferable detail about Les Moore, but we can’t even get names for these characters (aside from Bernie).

  11. 1. These asshole geeks are too young to drive anyway

    2. Last I checked, nobody was holding a gun to their heads, so they could bring their own lunches from home… But if characters actually took some initiative and fucking DID something themselves instead of sitting on their ass bitching and moaning, this wouldn’t be the Funkyverse anymore…

    3. Of all the things I was jealous of seniors as a freshman, leaving to go to lunch didn’t rank in the top 50… As a senior myself, we only had ONE place that you could drive to and get back in time, and that was Burger King… And even though I had a shitload of coupons to burn my senior year, that shit got old fast…

    4. I *really* hate the receding hairlines of these two mooks, Bernie’s 1980s eyeglasses that aren’t even retro, and Bernie’s penchant for always wearing a baseball sleeve shirt when it’s clear he’s never played a sport in his life (another mid-70s through the mid-80s style that died long ago)

  12. billytheskink

    Can’t you just bring your own lunch?

    That is a much better punchline, you should write for comic strips, spacemanspiff.

  13. Jimmy

    I can’t wait for the Cleveland Plain Dealer expose on how Montoni’s pizza gives kids encephalitis (and probably cancer), judging by those huge noggins.

  14. Comic Book Harriet

    @Billy the Skink.

    It does really look like flowers. I’m guessing the BlackBestFriend (who hasn’t earned a name yet) is barging in on a date between Bernie and a stoned, dirty faced, Wally Winkerbean.