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Immobile, Fragile, Docile!

Today’s strip is a dramatic improvement over yesterday’s, for obvious reasons.

It is not, of course, without its issues:

– First and foremost, what does Not-Monroe expect the school to do about his lunch complaint? Bus kids out for lunch? They’re freshman, they couldn’t leave campus for lunch even if they had a car. They’re 14-15 years old and don’t have drivers licenses. Unless, of course, they were held back, which is certainly possible. Bernie was a freshman last year too

– Second, the only place that the seniors with cars could go out for lunch and get back in time for class is Montoni’s. The freshmen stuck eating cafeteria food are undoubtedly coming out ahead from that angle.

– Third, who is this “they” that Bernie speaks of? The seniors? The faculty? Wall Street? I enjoy a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, Bernie, but it is not interesting if you are not specific about who is trying to keep you down.



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Hopefully His “Big Break” Involves 206 Bones

Link To Today’s Strip

In today’s installment of “Oh No, Not This Again!” Les Moore, the bearded dick with ears who always dreamed of being a big-time writer, is sulking like a baby because the studio that’s adapting his cancer book for a TV movie wants to fly him to The Big City to have him work on his terrible boring script. AND this request coincides EXACTLY with his summer vacation from his real job! Poor, poor Les, will the indignities never end?

So Les is going to La-La Land, the decadent and depraved heart of the very worst our disgusting popular culture has to offer. And he’ll be flying, but no worries there as Les has a very special (wink!!) type of flight insurance which I won’t get into here. Given how FW works, I’m sure Les’ flight will be pleasant and uneventful and he won’t have a single issue to complain about.

The cat hallucinations are getting confusing. Now he sees Le Chat every time he gets a little stressed about anything involving writing? Since when? The dead wife hallucinations were troubling enough but now we’re clearly in “mental illness” territory here. Perhaps he could hallucinate a more pleasant personality for himself while he’s at it. What an annoying weirdo.


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