Eye Do Not Care Anymore

Is Funky telling the truth in today’s strip? Last time we saw him get a physical was in early 2017, when he and Holly flew to Dallas (sure…) to visit a so-called “superclinic” (sure… again) for physicals. Well, Holly claimed it was an annual physical back then, so maybe the Winkerbeans’ annual January Dallas superclinic physical trip just recently happened. Not sure when that would have been, we’ve seen Funky and/or Holly every single week so far this month…

Oh wait, none of that matters. Nurse Scrunchie doesn’t care about Funky’s physical health, she just needs to know if he can afford to pay for his cataract surgery. What a scathing and original commentary on the American healthcare system! Groundbreaking stuff!


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14 responses to “Eye Do Not Care Anymore

  1. I like how the word “Financial” was underlined…because of course the idiot readers couldn’t possibly read one word as more important and award-deserving (yawn) unless it was SPECIFICALLY and EMPHASIZED for us.

  2. J.J. O'Malley

    Oh, for the love of…now the frickin’ medical assistant/nurse is making with bad jokes? And why would a medical assistant even ask a patient questions about finances and payment? Wouldn’t that job be handled by the receptionist if not the doctor himself? But no, everybody at this office is a comedian just waiting for the clubs to reopen…oh, wait, this was written pre-Virus.
    Lord, the carrot cake recipe in the magazine that woman’s in panel one is reading is probably more interesting than the last last two weeks of this eye-closing arc.

  3. William Thompson

    You mean that this clinic, unique among all others in America, doesn’t make sure you have insurance or huge amounts of money when you check in?

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, because these medical costs today and “this economy” and the little guy always gets hosed and (zzzzzzzzz). And everyone is just so darned glib and cynical these days, especially these kids today and (snore). Surely Funky is well covered by the Ohio Pizzeria Union’s comprehensive medical plan, which Ohio pizzeria owners went on strike over back in ’94, a time Westviewians refer to as “The Famine”. The shocking images of young children eating their own comic books to survive really rattled Ohio to its core back then.

  5. billytheskink

    Funky probably could have avoided cataracts at all had he just eaten the carrot cake Ms. Black Nail Polish is reading about in panel 1.

  6. Aurora Snorealis

    I need surgery from the motherfucking eyerolls!!!!

  7. Gerard Plourde

    Ok, TomBa, which is it? Last fall Funky won the over 65 category of the Lisa’s Legacy run. If he’s over 65, he’s on Medicare and either has Parts A & B, or a Medicare Advantage substitute that covers both. According to Healthline, the average out of pocket for cost for non-hospital cataract surgery at a clinic is about $195 (total cost $977). The cost in a hospital as an outpatient procedure is slightly higher – average co-pay $383 (total cost $1,917). Double the cost if Funky needs surgery on both eyes.

    Or is Funky back to being around 60 and does he inexplicably not have health insurance (either traditional Blue Cross/Blue Shield or some form of HMO)? Even if that were the case, the total costs above (around $4,000 for surgery on both eyes) shouldn’t bankrupt a successful business owner.

    In either case, we’ve got quintessential TomBa “writing” – think of a situation and dash something off without research or even any basic analytical thought.

    • Mela

      I’m still going with Les talked someone into giving Funky a medal and the only spare one they had was from the over 65 category, thus making the joke ” he’s not over 65!”.

  8. Banana Jr. 6000

    They’re actually humiliating Funky twice. First he thinks they’re going to scrutinize his health, and then that they’re going to scrutinize his finances. And as was pointed out before, they’re doing this in front of other patients. This is just atrocious behavior. And Funky’s supposed to trust these clowns to operate on his eye? They might replace it with a rubber chicken.

    “Financial health screening” doesn’t make any sense anyway. Funky’s not applying for a mortgage, you snotty bitch, he just needs to pay his fee. His creditworthiness is none of your goddam business. Run a credit check if he wants to pay in installments or something, but that’s the most you should be doing. As Gerard said, insurance pays most of the cost anyway, and that’s what you should be most worried about.

    More than anything else, Tom Batiuk’s false god of “a quarter inch from reality” has destroyed Funky Winkerbean. Nothing is extreme enough to be funny, or realistic enough to create drama or sympathy. For comparison, watch the below skit:

    The malpractice is so extreme, and the presentation of it is so serious, that the juxtaposition of the two makes the scene funny.

  9. none

    The only way this strip’s implied humor really works is if you forget that Funky can afford to impulse buy 4K TVs on a whim without even knowing how much they cost, and his implied wealth on the basis of how large is house is – both of these things were shown in strips less than a few weeks ago.

    The strip has a long history; a fact which the author makes repeatedly and abundantly clear within and outside of the strip itself. And, yet again, we have another example where that long history is seemingly meant to be ignored for the sake of a single strip’s “joke”.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      This. So many of Tom Batiuk’s jokes in either contradict the story, exist only to promote some opinion of his, or make no sense at all.

      If you take improv classes, this is one of the first “don’ts” they teach you: don’t focus on jokes. Focus on characters, relationships, and the reality of a scene, and humor will arise naturally. Tom Batiuk gets this 100% wrong – writing 11 months in advance! I’ve seen ordinary people take these classes, and get laughs from a live audience without a script, after just a few weeks of training.

      There’s no excuse for something this incompetently written to continue to
      exist in professional media. Funky Winkerbean is basically a bad webcomic. It’s self-serving, unfunny, and just plain amateurish. And written by an egomaniac who thinks he’s God’s gift to literature.

  10. Hitorque

    Funky is doing a lot of bitching and moaning for someone who’s had pretty good uncorrected vision until age 65… Meanwhile I’ve had to wear glasses my entire fuckin’ life