Not the River But the Stream

You were hoping that we’d dispensed with Dinkle at least until band camp, but today we find him fronting “The Bedside Manorisms”. Either Dinkle’s done a hell of a job whipping this band into shape, or he truly has gone deaf after all; in any case he feel’s they’re ready to head into the studio. Harry, the internationally renowned fundraiser, seeks to generate merch to sell at their shows, while Walt and the lady violin player we thought was Harriet reject such crass commercialism and embrace the DIY ethic.


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8 responses to “Not the River But the Stream

  1. The lady is correct–surely even Bantom knows that CD sales have cratered in recent years. The only CDs that people (probably) buy now are commemorative ones. And the BedSide Moaners have done nothing to commemorate if memory serves.

  2. billytheskink

    Record a CD? Don’t be ridiculous! Westview’s an audiocassette market.

    Well… it’s certainly a videocassette market. Dinkle could get one of those made easily, just invite Lefty’s dad to his next concert.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    It’s “funny” because the cute old lady knows about stuff like “websites” and “video streaming”, things normally associated with THESE KIDS TODAY and their stupid gizmos. Very clever…and as always oh so very timely. These computers…they’re really taking off, eh?

    TFH: I like how he’s all sort of nonchalant about it, like “hmmm, perhaps we could sell a CD or something”, like he’s only driven to crassly generate funds for himself when high school kids are involved. And Morty’s incredible rehabilitation continues unabated, as he demonstrates remarkable reaction time here. I wonder if he still smokes?

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Trumpet player: “I’m streaming right now!”

  5. I never thought that I’d miss his idiotic savaging of the entertainment industry but here we are, watching Dinkle be one step behind everyone again.

  6. bobanero

    Maybe we can get it up on one of them new fangled streaming services, like Fedora or Sloppify.
    In actuality, it would be real easy for this band to produce a CD. All they need is a digital recorder and a computer with a CD burner and a color printer. They don’t need anything too professional since the only people who will be buying it are the families of the band.

  7. Eldon of Galt

    A couple of old folks are more tech-savvy than you might expect. So what?
    This strip is getting more inert and pointless all the time. Good thing Batiuk is getting help with the artwork, so he has the time to make sure the writing is twice as abysmal as usual.

  8. Charles

    So Batiuk goes back to his old well of “old people doing anything is hilarious”. That well was dry years ago.