Iris is Irie

If Carl’s breathing apparatus in yesterday’s strip was some kind of sympathy ploy, it didn’t seem to help him sell any candy. Today Carl’s traded his nasal cannula for his horn, and is looking a little more chipper and a little less prone to drop dead at any second. Not only does that bastard Dinkle force them to peddle “Raisin’ the” bars to finance their CD, the Manorisms rehearsals have been known to last well past the typical nursing home bedtime. I don’t think medical marijuana is strictly legal yet in Ohio; in any case I think Iris and the boys would need something a little stronger to put up with Dinkle.


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11 responses to “Iris is Irie

  1. Epicus Doomus

    These dumb gags are all rooted in the character Dinkle used to be, not the one he is now. So what, now he’s the crazed obsessive band director again now? That might actually have some comedic potential but as usual, BanTom takes the “talk, don’t show” approach and leaves a trail of gags flatter than uncapped soda.

    Of course it had to be “medical” but hey, it’s still nice to see BanTom being sort of “hip” and “with it”, as the kids say these days. Elderly folks slipping away to fire one up…man, that’s a knee-slapper all right. I love these newfangled counterculture comic strips, you know?

  2. Richard Egenriether

    For some reason, I’m getting linked to Tuesday’s strip.

    (Thx, fixed, The Mgmt.)

  3. billytheskink

    Pretty sure the C in THC doesn’t stand for “caffeine”.

  4. DOlz


    “… in any case I think Iris and the boys would need something a little stronger to put up with Dinkle.”

    May I suggest a medically induced coma?

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  6. Great. Elder abuse and a poke at legal-ish pot. Time for Batiuk to get lost.

  7. It’s funny because Dinkle is exploiting assisted-living seniors for his own personal gain and made them into musical slaves with no rights and no recourse and despite complaining daily none of them can ever muster the courage to tell Dinkle to FOAD and jam his conductor’s baton up his ass…


    I link to think that Wedgeman has become the weed dealer for these elderly folks. Which admittedly would be a pretty could post high school career move for someone who graduated from Westview High.

  9. Sorry, Tom, and I know you are reading this (you want to know what your online critics think about your new artistic collaborator, as well as your sudden generosity in the strip’s credits, compared to years and years of precedent otherwise, right?), but I don’t buy a scenario where a person who needs an oxygen tank for moving about physically can also summon the lung power to play a trumpet for extended periods of time.

  10. @Fred Blurt: Carl makes it work somehow!

  11. Jimmy

    They used to tell Batiuk’s generation that comic books, reefer and rock n’ roll would destroy society. Kudos to him for showing two out of three ain’t bad.