Oh no he DIDnt

Finally, after wasting a week of everyone’s time, we finally find out in today’s strip an inkling of what Buck’s Guilt over winning games no one remembers but these two losers from over 30 years ago. Linda, in the meantime has made herself useful by bringing him some sort of unidentifiable artifact that I assume is cyanide-laced coffee.



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23 responses to “Oh no he DIDnt

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Ahhh, the “plot” finally begins to congeal. Somehow Buck always knew exactly where Bull would run. My guess is that Bull’s natural stupidity was somehow heavily involved, or maybe it was some sort of cheating scam or maybe Bull was somehow tipping the defenders off, who knows? The funniest part is how it’ll bring yet even more pain and humiliation to a dying old man and after all, isn’t that the whole point?

    It really is unnecessarily cruel. “Hey Bull, remember that handful of golden memories you still have? Well, you’re remembering them ALL WRONG!!”. It’s also pretty funny how Bull’s cognitive decline appears to happen all at once in panel three, as that is the single most “duh?” face I’ve ever seen in FW.

    • hitorque

      And the puppy-stabbing Belichickian villainy of BWT is cemented forever given that they could have easily beaten Westview without the cheating. Guess they really HAD to win 66-0 instead of 52-10?

      • Since Batiuk can’t make sense of what he sees when he looks at a football game, I should think that knowing that Bull was predictable, you could have set your watch by him is the cheating we’re meant to hate.

  2. Gerard Plourde

    We can only hope it turns out that Lisa asked Les to send a copy of Coach Stropp’s playbook to her at Big Walnut Tech.

  3. count of tower grove

    Of course Buck knew where Bull was gonna run– Bull was a center, after the snap he’d run in front where Buck was to clock him.

  4. Thus do we trudge to the final stage of Bull’s humiliation: a cheating arc. It matters not that Bull is a center so had to run in an easily predictable pattern, bad strangers who hate us steal our victories.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      The hatred of jocks is really over the top. Batty needs to get over it already. I am athletically challenged, yet I don’t hate jocks, nor do I remember them hating me either. We all just did our own things.

    • hitorque

      What’s this “Bull was a Center” silliness? Was there another retcon that I missed?

      Bull was a *Fullback*, and that was reinforced beyond all doubt during his last retirement/CTE flashback storyline…

      • billytheskink

        The most recent Sunday strip featured Coach Stropp instructing Bull to both take the snap and snap the ball to run a fake timeout play. I’m not sure if this was supposed to illustrate that Stropp had even less of a grasp on the sport he coached than previously thought or that it actually illustrates how little grasp TB has on the most popular sport in the country.

        Prior to this, though, you are right. Bull being/having been a fullback was something TB actually was pretty consistent on.

        • hitorque

          Evidently Stropp ran an offense without a conventional quarterback… No wonder Milford, I mean Westview lost all the damn time…

      • Count of Tower Grove

        Look at Sunday’s strip.

  5. Rusty

    It’s still a weird to me that Bull has become one of the shorter male characters, after being obviously the tallest in the high school days. I knew guys who peaked in junior high, and ending up being bearded, balding 5 and a half feet tall as young adults, but Bull was alway supposed to be a physical specimen.

  6. hitorque

    Please tell me this trip down memory lane ends with some middle-aged fisticuffs… We haven’t seen the “Ragin’ Bull” in a good long while…

  7. hitorque

    “Oh, you didn’t know? You never heard the story? Some four-eyed Afro-helmet virgin geek spaz loser named Lester something or other had such a grudge against you and the other jocks that not only did he regularly send us a copy of Stropp’s updated playbook, he’d eavesdrop on the Westview sideline during games and actually send us coded hand signals tipping us off on whatever play you were running… And I haven’t even gotten into the film strips of your practices, your leaked team injury reports, and full dossiers on the personal/financial/social lives of all players and coaching staff!”

  8. bobanero

    I’m guessing that since Coach Stropp was a legendarily horrible coach, that Buck always knew where he was going to run because they always ran the same play when they gave the ball to Bull.

  9. Comic Book Harriet

    Nice to see Bull’s face transplant has healed with minimal scarring. Shame the only donor they could find was a beady-eyed mole-man with tiny, terrifying, flesh colored sclera.

  10. batgirl

    Didn’t Linda used to be brown-skinned and curly-haired? Wow, Aryanization proceeds apace in Westview. A year ago she looked kind of ethnic. https://sonofstuckfunky.com/2016/10/20/dr-fivehead/

  11. Professor Fate

    You cheated! One can only assume that he came up with this plotline about this time last year when deflategate was in all the papers.
    And while I don’t usually mention the art work Bull’s cartoon melon head compared with the much more realistic rendering of his visitor Buck is pretty jarring – and I did mean to mention that Buck’s face did not match his back.

  12. Don

    Obviously, the “big reveal” will be, who gave BWT the playbook. Who was “the heavy” back in those days? Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess: the subject of Les’s next “solve the mystery” book.

    Besides, we have already known for decades that the real reason BWT won back then was because when any halfway-decent athlete moved into the Westview district, the district lines would suddenly be redrawn.