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I bet you thought I made a major mistake yesterday, in making a “Friday” joke about Thursday’s strip.  Well, after experiencing a series of unfortunate events yesterday (I’ll just hint with a number: $609.00) I’ll admit I was a bit rattled and might have been convinced it was already Thursday, since my brain function was off-line.   And I made a joke about an unavailable strip.

(Today’s strip is also unavailable, by the way.)

But then I got to thinking – what would Tom Batiuk say if someone asked about his lapses in continuity?  You know, the fate of Becky’s mother, Marianne Winters-hot star or naive waif, etc etc etc.  There are a lot of them.  Or how about his lack of jokes?  You know, the funny part of a comic strip.

And I’ve come up with a Batiukian Excuse.  See, the reason that continuity is non-existent and the jokes have moved to a better neighborhood is that it makes the strip more interactive with the reader.  When the reader can supply continuity, it stimulates his imagination and makes him a part of the creative process, thus making him more involved with the strip.  Similarly with the jokes–when the reader can make up his own, he’s invested in the success of the strip.   It all makes perfect sense.

So, for me posting a Friday joke on a Thursday, it “jolts” the humor, it makes it more interactive and creative.  Making it funnier.

Or, I could have just been a dumb-head.  It won’t have been the first time.

PS: Has anyone noted that the last two weeks were all about band funding?  And the week before that was the Lisa auction?  Then we had Phil getting fired.  But the week before that was the Les Book Tour.  This strip is nothing but hucksterism non-stop.



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7 responses to “Making It Funnier

  1. $609? That’s very close to what I paid for my root canal on Thursday morning. I hope you were doing something at least as enjoyable (it didn’t involve reading Funky Winkerbean; even if it had, the painkillers were up to the challenge).

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Uh yeah Harry…but you AREN’T running the band anymore and you HAVEN’T been running it for a very, very long time. Dinkle’s “zany band director” act “worked” back when he was the zany band director. But all this does is remind the reader that he isn’t the zany band director anymore, now he’s just another old annoying gasbag TALKING ABOUT what he used to be. And NO ONE CARES! Once again BanTom squanders a premise away with his aimless nostalgia.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      This what irks me. If Batty is going to move on and time jump, then do it already and quit featuring the old characters. Let Ms One-armed Bando run the band already.

      The truth is, the new characters are not interesting at all, so he has to fall back to the tried and true tropes from the days of yore.

  3. billytheskink

    Yeah, “crowdfunding” is nothing new, it is only the means of such solicitation that has changed since Harry was officially the band director. Before you asked well-meaning strangers for money using the internet, you did it through a group of hobby-less parents called a “booster club”.

    And yes, Dinkle’s bands had a very active booster club in his day. Once, the club president hijacked the Goodyear blimp so it would keep its cameras trained on the band.

  4. This leaves me with a horrible image: an image of Dinkle’s reproving face telling us all that the Internet is to be reserved for promoting his stupid band.

  5. bobanero

    An entire week spent on “Dinkle is stymied by the changing landscape of fundraising methods”. It’s going to be a long hard road to 50.

  6. Comic Book Harriet

    Good point Beckoning! And intentional or not, it has become the reality. We read and snark on Funky Winkerbean, it’s featured often in Comics Curmudgeon, Comics Alliance used to follow it, all because it is so ‘interactive’ in its morose badness and 45 years of constantly retconning continuity.

    Does Zits or Baby Blues have that kind of following? I think not.