Totally Unaware One Moment, Rockin’ And Rollin’ The Next

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A not-altogether un-chuckle-worthy Sunday effort, although it’d be funnier if The Author hadn’t spent YEARS on depicting Mort as a total vegetable. What was the point of that long-forgotten, completely depressing and ultimately meaningless Alzheimer’s arc? Morty is one of the strip’s more likeable characters, he could have been indulging in this sort of wackiness all along but nope, he had to “address” yet another “serious issue” instead. Just like when Cory returned home as a totally upright paragon of virtue, these FW characters don’t even notice these incredible changes in their families and friends, preferring to wryly shrug and roll their eyes over these miraculous transformations.



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10 responses to “Totally Unaware One Moment, Rockin’ And Rollin’ The Next

  1. It’s “funny” because Funky is a negligent son who parked his dad there to avoid talking to him in the first place.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Ok, well I was wrong, no sideways, one paneller today for FW…see Crankshaft for that.

    Well looks like Batty managed to squeeze one decent joke out of this flimsy premise. Have to say that Funky looks like he should be checked in to Bedside Manor.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    So the joke is that Funky is clueless?

  4. I get it – it’s gently funny in a 70s sitcom kind of way. Of course, normally the family of someone in an assisted living facility would know if their parent was taking a trip out of town….and would have to approve the trip and itinerary.

  5. bobanero

    I gotta call bullshit on this one. First, if this “band” had really done an indiegogo, every friend and relative of all the band members would have been in on it, or at least known about it. They would certainly send an update to the people who funded the project to tell them about their trip to Memphis. There is no fucking way that a trip like this would not get picked up by the local media and made into a front page “feel good” story. But we are led to believe that six octogenarians hijacked a bus, spent a week in Memphis, and came back (apparently with no medical staff accompanying them), and everything back at Bedside Manor continues as if it was just a typical week. The only plausible explanation I have for this arc is that the whole thing was an extended dream by Mort, and in today’s strip he just finished describing the dream to Funky.

    I’m really starting to worry about TB.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    I’d be worried too: his Alzheimer’s-afflicted father is suddenly far more lucid, exciting and interesting than he is. And he has better friends too.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “I’m really starting to worry about my dad. He’s hanging around a lot longer than I expected, and that nursing home costs a fortune!”

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Morty should be at some sort of university facility, being studied to discover how he’s rebounded from the depths of dementia to such an incredible degree. If only Funky had put him in Bedside Manor sooner, he might be fronting Queen or even Bad Company by now.

  9. The Dreamer

    No the swerve is that the last week in Memphis WAS in old Winkerbean’s mind It was just a dream Funky is right to worry about his dad losing it