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Uh yes Funky, this was adequately covered in yesterday’s strip, but THANKS for re-establishing that for us. We wouldn’t want to forget a key plot point like that. So not only do they not know that Mort & company traveled to Memphis, they don’t even know that the despised Dinkle was the mastermind behind it all. I would imagine that Funky would be more amazed about his Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad’s incredible mastery of the trombone (and flawless mug-handling skills) than by hearing about that fool Dinkle, but who the hell knows. Funky does look a lot less fat today, I have to admit, which could be a very good or very, very, very bad thing in the Funkyverse. I’m just chalking it up to shitty artwork for now until the results of the biopsy come back.


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  1. Charles

    Funky does look a lot less fat today, I have to admit,

    Whereas Holly appears to have aged 20 years in the last two months.

    I also see that “let’s recap what Mort has been doing” is of greater importance to Batiuk than anything having to do with Cory and his relationship with his fiancee Roccoco or whatever the hell her name is.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “My dad’s music ensemble…”, “who’s your director…”: more proof that FW is being “written” by some sort of 1990s-era BatTom simulator software. Either that or he was really pounding the egg nog before he doodled the last strips of 2017, as this is getting out of hand now.

  3. billytheskink

    Ugh, of course this whole thing comes back to Dinkle… Even when TB made Dinkle a bit player in actually getting this record cut, he put the spotlight squarely on him. Sure, Holly doesn’t know it, but Dinkle actually explains nothing about this CD. He drove the bus, that’s really about it. Mort and the ensemble raised all the money for the trip and recording session, they decided to travel to Memphis without consulting Dinkle, and it was Walt who had the contact at Sun Studios. But Dinkle sold more “Football fields are for band practice!” posters in 1983 alone than every piece of Lisa merchandise ever moved and that has made him TB’s grout, a bland filler of repetitive gags occupying space between comic book story arcs and Lisa story arcs only because something needs to be there.

    • Epicus Doomus

      He’s awful and I will never understand why he didn’t just leave the Dinkle character alone. No one escaped Batiuk’s Act II meat grinder unscathed and now, just for the sake of another long-forgotten prestige arc, he can’t do his beloved wacky marching band gags anymore so the characters incessantly talk about them instead, which is even worse. It’s like he thinks his readers will forget how wacky Dinkle was unless he reminds them about it all the time, yet he’s the one who opted to de-wackify him in the first place.

  4. Since these people never really left high school, it does make a certain amount of sense that the ultra-bland Dinkle still look larger than life.

  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    We all know that the CD cover would say:

    the bedside manorisms

    barely live
    from Memphis

    Those album titles you came up with yesterday were great, ED. “Every Assisted Breath You Take” – comedy gold!

    • Epicus Doomus

      Thanks! They were all better than “Greetings From Memphis” or whatever the hell it was called. The best title/album cover package would be “Greetings From Westview” just like it’d be on a pizza box and and the CD would look just like a pizza too. This BatTom guy really needs a few creative assistants or something.

  6. “My dad”: see my comment from yesterday. As opposed to “your dad,” Holly – who now looks older than the band’s violin player.


    I’m starting to think that maybe Funky and Holly are the ones with dementia.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    I guess we’re to assume they’re visiting Mort at Bedside Manor. And we should probably be thankful that we aren’t being subjected to more episodes of Darin Fairgood avoiding his family while he worships Dead St. Lisa with the rest of the cult (from which Summer has seemed to escape).

    On the Wally front, the Author’s blog has an early December post showing Wally wearing glasses and stating that he will be showing up in October 2018 (and probably not before then).

  9. comicbookharriet

    HOLY. COW. Crankshaft is a stupid Netflix joke today. Which means yesterday we left an old widower ALONE on Christmas Day. Standing in an empty house, staring blankly at the tree he put up himself with nothing but a bicycle under it, his only company the phantoms of his loved ones that he conjures from his own mind.

    He didn’t look at the tree for a while, smile, and then go out to be with friends, other relatives, or religious services. He didn’t donate the bicycle, or his time, to those in need.

    He stood there, alone, staring at a useless bike, until the fire burned out. And then Christmas was over.

    • Gerard Plourde

      That Crankshaft arc is really a chronological mess. Ralph is Crankshaft’s age. Crankshaft fought in World War II. Crankshaft’s daughter, a contemporary of Ralph’s son Timmy, was at Kent State in 1970. Timmy’s uniform doesn’t look like it’s accurate. Also, I’m certainly no expert on this, but I don’t think he’d be wearing a beret in the field even if he were Special Forces (AKA Green Beret).

      • comicbookharriet

        It’s the one way that Batty really does reflect comic book time. Since comic books have been popular since the 30’s, World War II factored in to the origins and stories of lots of popular heroes. Though Captain America has time in an iceberg with a defrost that can constantly move up via retcon powers, the 2000’s saw a lot of legacy characters straining credulity as still spry and active seventy-seeming ninety-year-olds with kids in their early thirties.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah I was expecting nothing positive to come out of that story. He could have donated the bike to make some underprivileged kids Christmas.

      But no, Batty was trying to create an award winning Christmas moment. It’s always ghosts with him.

      I’m scared we will see Les dancing alone again as 2018 begins.

  10. Wow, Funky in TWO strips this week? I think the last time that happened, Funky was being told he should prepare for death.