What’s Eaton You Two?

Today’s strip takes place in the morning? The morning after Pete and Durwood’s night trip to Marianne Winters’ jumping off point? No wonder Durwood’s eyelids are so heavy and Pete… well Pete has the same bags under his eyes that he always has. Bet he had to gate check those on the red-eye flight to Cleveland, no way they would fit in the overhead bins.

Buckle up for the seventh consecutive week (!!!) of this Atomic Comics story arc. I’m pretty sure George H. W. Bush was president when this thing began. Looks like we’ll be in the wallowing in Batom Comics nostalgia phase of the story this week. Goody goody…


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    I’m counting from the Monday strip where Chester arrived at the Korner, which was on February 12th. The strip has centered around these three morons ever since that date. No “Funky goes jogging”, no band boxes, no Bernie high school hi-jinx…just Pete, Boy Lisa and Chester, week after week after week. This is the most inexplicably long Act III arc I can remember and the fact that it features THESE three dolts makes it all the more amazing.

    So that’s the dilapidated old building where an obscure and long-forgotten middling comic book company plied their wares, eh? Maybe next week we’ll get to see the warehouse where they keep the unsold Archie’s Comic Digests. What is it with BatStalgia and these crummy old buildings?

    I am assuming that this is the very same building where Pete’s bizarre comic book flashback daydreams took place. You know, the real miserable building with the real miserable boss, that Brady guy. Boy, there’s a premise rife with never-before-seen comedy, amirite?

    • timbuys

      “What is it with BatStalgia and these crummy old buildings?”


    • It wouldn’t have been quite so pathetic for the 1953 duo if their loud, cigar-chomping editor wasn’t, you know, one-hundred percent right on his ability to stay ahead of the market trends and know the pulse of his loyal readership…

      So thanks to him the comics label stayed successful despite 1956 Phil Holt and his closeted partner’s attempts to sabotage him…

  2. erdmann

    ‘Round these parts, the Eatons were a pioneer family remembered for two things: their abnormally large feet and the fact that other pioneers didn’t much care for them. The thought that their descendants might have moved back east in the early 1900s and constructed a building that would be home to not just one but soon to be two failed comic books companies seems wonderfully appropriate.

  3. billytheskink

    Pete and Durwood probably only took this Atomic Comics gig so they could get paid to sit around and daydream about what it was like to work for Batom comics in the 1950s… No, wait… all indications are that they were getting paid to do that in Hollywood.

    So, why did they take this gig. again?

    • Epicus Doomus

      His daydreams are, in effect, replacing his real dream…comic book fame and fortune…the very dream he’s already achieved.

    • Saturnino

      And they will be paid at 1950’s rates so they can contend with 2018 prices………

    • Because Pete finally found himself a wholesome, family-minded Mid-American gal from the old hometown who’s willing to touch his peener and text him nasty-ass nudes in the middle of the day and cosplay as Black Canary in the bedroom and because wholesome, family-minded Mid-American gals from Ahia wouldn’t go near some decadent place of sin like Los Angeles even with a gun to their heads, her moving out to live with Pete is out of the question so Pete is coming to live with her… Yeah, because in real life, basing major life decisions on proximity to a casual boyfriend/girlfriend always comes back to bite you but luckily for Pete this is the Funkyverse where it’s commonplace…

      Of course the only reason why Darrin is doing it is because he’s smart enough to realize his prospects for future success lie entirely with being within a 20-foot radius of Pete at all times since everybody who thinks about hiring Pete knows he’s a package deal with his boyfriend…

  4. Charles

    Now now, they might not be unimpressed because they’re perpetually ungrateful shitheels. I’d certainly be put off if my boss picked me up first day and squished the three of us into the back of a 1978 Plymouth Fury and drove me and my friend to a blighted commercial district where he said we’d be working.

    Nah, it’s because they’re shitheads who always need to be above it all. There aren’t enough knees in the world for Pete and Darin’s groins.

  5. The more I see Chester act like a goofy kid grinning like an idiot because he found a super-rare baseball card, the more I like him, edifice complex or no.

  6. Ray

    “From 1920s-1964 Eaton was based on East 140th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964, the company moved its headquarters into the new Erieview Tower where it remained until 1983. In that year, Eaton Corporation moved into a 28-story Cleveland office tower which was renamed for it.[17] Eaton relocated to its new 580,000 square foot facility, named Eaton Center, in Beachwood, Ohio in early 2013.[18] The reincorporation in Ireland as part of the Cooper merger involved establishing a registered head office in Dublin, Ireland but operational headquarters remain in Ohio.”

    As an Eaton employee, I’ve been to the building they moved to in 1983, and the building depicted certainly isn’t that one. Nor is it the Erieview Tower. But we know Batom Inc was pre-1964, so I’m not quite sure what reference point Tommy is drawing from.
    Or maybe he just wanted to mention a century old Cleveland based business to lend legitimacy to this poppycock?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Thanks for the summary, was getting ready to mention it, but saw your post.

      I think your last sentence explains Batty’s reasoning perfectly.

      • timbuys

        I have learned more about Cyrus Eaton and Eaton the Cleveland business this morning than I think anyone will ever ask me about for the rest of my life.

  7. Hitorque

    1. That’s the smallest limo backseat I’ve ever seen…

    2. Awww… Pete+Darrin are even wearing matching shirts!

    3. So who’s going to tell Chester that most, if not all of the work is done on computer these days? Who’s going to tell him they don’t need the 1940s era printing presses that take up an entire floor

  8. bayoustu

    Wow… the subtle depiction of awe and wonder and joy on the faces of Pete Rigatoni and Durwood as they gaze upon the very site of their nostalgic daydreams is truly breath-taking!

  9. Pete and Dullard, in panel three, have the same expression I have when reading this strip.

  10. Professor Fate

    So is Pete going to use a manual type writer to keep it pure? As noted with computers and the net – folks can make comics anywhere – you don’t really need an office – except for book keeping and such – and maybe not even then. So why put them in a moldy old building? Nostalgia turned to madness this.

  11. 4. I love how Pete+Darrin will literally jizz their pants over the “history and tradition” of the old Valentine Theatre, how they handjobbed each other over the senior fangeek meetup in Cleveland with decoder rings and Ovaltine, and how they double-fellated the director and Masone for having the sheer genius to shoot some action scenes in Cleveland (since that is the epicenter of the modern comics universe, evidently) and how they beat their meat daydreaming in the office all day about what life was like for their 1958 counterparts…

    Well once again they’re in front of “history and tradition”, literally the place where their 1951 counterparts toiled and where they will be the spiritual successors of their legacy and MAKING COMICS GREAT AGAIN and they’ll be getting paid an obscene amount of money for the dream job with total creative control they’ve been jacking off to every night of their lives, and these two assholes look like they’re going to traffic court…

  12. Gerard Plourde

    Their expressions really are puzzling. Didn’t they know from Chester’s rantings that he’d want to totally recreate the Silver Era of comics down to the drafting tables, typewriters, and mid-twentieth century printing operation?

  13. comicbookharriet

    So Chester stole an interior door from a building that he, in fact, owned? (As displayed on March 15th)