Starstruck Jones

Well, at least today’s strip doesn’t contain any Wayne’s World shtick so fantastically lame and over exposed that it took me hours to recognize it, like yesterday’s did… The gag is still extremely rote, though. Could we at least get a “Mr. Freeman is my father” bit? I actually kind of like that old groaner.

According to the official “Untold History” of Batom Comics, Flash Freeman created Starbuck Jones as an adult in 1954. He looks pretty good for 136.


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16 responses to “Starstruck Jones

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Forget pinching, I want to cave in the side of his head with a claw hammer. I already despise this “Flash” asshole and he’s been a FW character for all of two days.

  2. Charles

    God damn, 1954. Batiuk does realize that that’s SIXTY FOUR years ago, right? People who were infants then are retiring now.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Cliff…broken by “the business” after achieving success. Phil…broken by “the business” after achieving success. Now this Flash guy…another one who just slipped into a state of stasis for sixty years after achieving notoriety. They’re all variations of the same character, pretty much.

  4. erdmann

    Flash Freeman, born Faivish Freedmann in 1922, twisted his face into a rictus of a smile as he watched the two simpletons. “Pinch you? I’ve pinched off smarter things than you,” he wanted to shout. “It’s a stupid pen name I adopted 65 years ago because I wanted to save my real name for my legitimate work. I wanted to write novels and plays. I was going to be Faulkner or Miller, for God’s sakes! Comics were never supposed to be my life!” It took all his self-control, but he kept silent.
    In general, Flash didn’t mind the attention of fans — some were quite endearing, actually — but there was something about these two that resurrected all the bitter ghosts of long-dead dreams and filled him with rage. Hagglemore had agreed to pay double the old man’s usual personal appearance fee. Now Flash regretted not charging quadruple the amount.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    Darin’s expression in the last panel is legitimately terrifying, especially given how close he and Pete are.

  6. billytheskink

    Phil Holt better be careful now that he’s a blue-ish ghost and Pete has turned into Pac Man.

  7. Batiuk has clearly fallen into the trap of thinking that this is Dick Tracy and people can live to amazingly old ages as long as they’re protagonists.

  8. Scott Lovrine

    Is Flash Freeman supposed to be John Broome ( who died in 1999)

  9. Where is the “136” coming from? Flash was born in 1882? That would make him 72 in 1954.