Don’t Treadmill On Me

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As BatLoad’s interest in his latest “offbeat” comic book fantasy begins to wane, he’s resorting to old comic book fantasy gags to grudgingly haul another pointless week to the Saturday finish line. This arc is the comic strip equivalent of dragging a soggy ruined carpet out of the basement. In today’s time-bending installment the ol’ Eaton building is a dynamic hub of activity with all sorts of whimsical subcontractors and comic book memorabilia delivery people buzzing around like worker bees. Things sure do move fast once every eleven weeks in the Funkyverse.

“Hello, Pete Reynolds? This is Bob over at Pre-Cog Shipping and Delivery…anticipating and meeting your shipping and delivery needs before you knew you had any since 1979. Just wanted to let you know your movie prop and treadmill are on their way to the location you’ll be working at and we’ll be billing you with your Visa card, the number, expiration date and three-digit security code of which we already know. It doesn’t appear that you’ll have any imminent issues or concerns, so have a great day!”

Anyway, it’s Boy Lisa’s stupid treadmill, not Pete’s, so when and where he used it to “think” is (sigh) yet another never-to-be-solved Batom anomaly, like Becky’s mom or the Food Film truck scam or what year it’s supposed to be. It’s best not to think about it too much, but it’s tough when he gives you so precious little else to focus on.




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16 responses to “Don’t Treadmill On Me

  1. louder

    I love how lost with the time frame Batty is here, supposedly they have just pulled up to be “surprised” by Chester buying the warehouse, and now, Mopey’s treadmill shows up! What. The. Heck.???? Did he just pullit out of his backside? Geesh, just when I don’t think it can get any worse, it does.

  2. Jimmy

    Don’t worry, next week they’ll be sshocked to find out they’re part-owners of the Valentine, just in time to have their personal pocorn machine delivered.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Wouldn’t calling it a “copy” imply that there’s a real one it’s based on?
    Also, if you have to spell out exactly what the thing is, it’s probably not worth making a joke about.

  4. bobanero

    I will grant that all the action we’ve seen in the last few strips is not happening on the same day, and that we’re seeing the progression of the office being built out. Though the Holtron thing was a total fail, since we actually saw it there on Sunday and three days later it’s being brought in by movers. Anyway, the new office is shaping up. It’s going to be a state-of-the-art Komik production facility. I’ll bet that Montoni’s gets the lunch contract.

  5. redsnifit

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s strip! Speculation:

    “Is that a replica of Wonder Woman’s whip?”
    “Yeah, Pete likes to use it for risky auto-erotic asphyxiation sessions on the cosmic treadmill.”

    “Is that Superbaby’s juicebox?”
    “Yeah, Duhrin likes to drink from it while curled up in the corner in a diaper.”

    “Is that the corpse of our Lord and Savior Saint Lisa?”
    “Yeah, we like to pose it in funny positions while we think.”

  6. billytheskink

    Telling us that Pete exercises from time to time is easily the most unbelievable aspect of this story arc, and I think that is saying something.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “Pete likes to walk on it while he’s thinking.”
    “In other words, he never walks on it.”

  8. I’m beginning to worry that either he can’t keep track of what’s happened in the past any longer. Batiuk is NOT a young adult, no matter how much he’d like to think he is.

    • spacemanspiff85

      It’s far more likely that he just doesn’t give a crap, because why expend any effort on your job, and your legacy, apparently.

  9. Yeah, Dullard, make sure that your wife and child are properly shunted off to the side, so that your worship of comic books takes front and center.

    I do want to thank Tom Batiuk, unironically. Back in the seventies, I followed a bunch of comic book titles until I went to college. I cut them off as the stories were resolving.

    Ever since, then, I’ve often wondered if I should get back into comic books.

    Well, Tom Batiuk has cured me of that desire, and I’m guessing has saved me a lot of money in the process.

    Thanks, Mr. Batiuk!

    • Hitorque

      Sadly, if Batiuk swapped out the comics geek obsessions for video gaming obsessions, I’d be all over that…

    • Professor Fate

      Didn’t He buy this not Pete? And not that long ago yes? I can imagine the conversation: “Okay honey yes I did blow x large on a treadmill based on one used by a comic book superhero and I did donate all those one of a kind comic cover painting to the Saint Lisa Fund without asking you which mean we didn’t see a red cent and I’ve just quit my job in Hollywood to start a brand new comic company run by a madman. Still I have to answer why are you so angry and why are all my clothes on the front lawn and on fire? “

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    I just caught up on this week’s strips. How did they know to have their stuff shipped to the Eaton building?

  11. I guess that part of his no longer really caring much about anything is why Chester isn’t harping on having the deluxe model like he does.