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Sigh. Once again BatDerp is playing fast and loose with the very fabric of time itself. Just like how Pete and Boy Lisa are not “young kids just starting out” and how everyone was massively influenced by pop culture artifacts from twenty years before they were born, suddenly the Dimmer Twins are having things delivered to the building they didn’t even know existed until “today”…whenever that is. It isn’t just stupid, it’s completely impossible.

Then there’s the always contrary Chester. By day he’s founding new comic book companies out of a deep and total love for those old-time Batom Comics of yore and by night he’s a sleazy Batom Comics obsessed scumbag willing to deal with all sorts of comic book lowlifes to acquire his ill-gotten memorabilia. He can’t possibly exist but there he is.

And Holtron…sigh. Sentient being? Old piece of garbage? Well…what day is it? Tomorrow it could be a coffee machine, a paper shredder or a cartoon dog and I’d still shrug indifferently and so would you.


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  1. countoftowergrove

    Looks like Todd forgot that Holtron was already in the warehouse and can be seen in panel six from Sunday.

    • Saturnino

      I might add that today’s LUANN is actually timely because it mocks that stupid Liberty Mutual commercial with the kid with the dumb-ass look on his face who can’t fix a flat tire, and his stupid Mom who thinks having a helpless kid is great.

  2. billytheskink

    Why is Chester upset? Holtron just got hauled right into a building that he owns. He has the key, he can change the locks… he can see Holtron whenever he likes or he can choose to make it “disappear”…

    • Epicus Doomus

      Or he could offer them $50 for it the day after the bankruptcy filing. I thought the same thing…he HAS it now! It’s RIGHT THERE IN HIS BUILDING…TODAY! Yet he’s devastated, utterly lost in an inky black depression over it. He makes no sense whatsoever.

      I imagine that Jessica is currently still back in California, spending her days taping boxes and loading up the U-Haul, probably while wearing an old WHS sweatshirt with one of those bandana things on her head. Then, as her latest call to Darin goes straight to voicemail again, two big burly movers with a big truck show up out of nowhere. They grab that junky old computer, load it up and leave. Jessica begins downloading dating apps to her phone and bookmarking prominent Ohioian divorce attorneys.

    • timbuys

      Ah, but don’t you see, when you’re dealing with this advanced of a fetish, it’s not just what you have (intrinsic value of piece of crap), or why you want it (it’s just a piece of crap afterall), but also how you obtained it (by acting like a piece of crap).

    • hitorque

      PLEASE… These two assholes would trade Holtron straight-up for a Deluxe Extra Large Pizza from Montoni’s with extra anchovies…

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Did they not pack that thing up, or wrap at all during its trip to Ohio from L.A.? It really is honestly amazing just how little thought Batiuk gives to this strip.

  4. redsnifit

    Pete and Derrin better be careful or they might wake up inside a small, velvet-lined box a few feet underground while Chester wheels Holtron into his manor.

    Maybe this was Chester’s plan all along. Everything in this arc seems so dumb and haphazard because Chester knew it wouldn’t take much to get these two dolts to bring him Holtron.

  5. Batiuk seems to have come to the conclusion that since continuity didn’t get him a Pulitzer, he can dispense with it. Tomorrow, Chester could shed his human skin and breathe drier lint and no one would be the least bit surprised.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that, when it comes to writing a script for each day’s Installment, The Author jots down the first idea that pops into his head, considers himself finished, and then goes back to writing his blog.

  7. timbuys

    If you give it just a bit more thought than it deserves (which is to say any at all), in a sense, Holtron is the most relatable, indeed most appealing, character in the strip.

    • Gerard Plourde

      That’s true. I enjoyed the Act 1 strips that featured him.

      • comicbookharriet

        If Tombat decided to focus on Holtron for two months, chronicling his life, his loves, and his angst over being bought and sold, I would halve my complaining.

        Meanwhile, in Crankshaft, he wears a terrible hat, and his daughter has a headpoodle.

        • Gerard Plourde

          I would read that. I do have a concern that he’d manage to destroy the fun in that as well, though.

    • hitorque

      Batiuk somehow did “sentient inanimate objects” pretty well in his day, like the “Last Leaf” of Autumn, “Graffiti Rock” at Westview High, etc…

  8. hitorque

    1. Nothing to see here, just another wasted day where our self-appointed comics saviors do anything BUT discuss the job they were tasked to do by God himself… If they keep fucking around, then the other fledgling grassroots comic startup over in the next county founded by Big Walnut Tech grads is going to beat them to the market…

    2. These days, it’s all about moving a worthless Hollywood prop into your office even before it’s furnished or even renovated yet…

    3. I still want to know where in the hell Batiuk ever got the notion that movie studios give lowly storyboard sketch artists “going away presents”

  9. Professor Fate

    This really isn’t so much of an arc anymore than it’s the random neural firings of a comic book obsessed time sever. “oh” he thinks “yes that will work.” and then thinks about lunch and promptly forgets what he did today.