And I’m Free… Freeloadin’

I am only going to focus on the positives in today’s strip.

Yessiree, just the positives today. Things like… uh… hmmm… well… Darin using “mom” to refer to the woman that raised him instead of Lisa. Yeah, that’s one! There is also… ummm… these two shmucks getting themselves soaked to the bone walking back to the Eaton Building because they naturally forgot to bring their umbrellas in perpetually sunny Cleveland.  I can dig that.

So yeah, I’m only talking about the positive things today. You won’t see me mention any negative aspects. Nope, not a single one. I won’t mention at all how Durwood appears to have brought “Sky” back with him to Ohio solely so he could take advantage of his aging mother for free child care. I also won’t mention how he has put both his young son and disabled father in danger by working the only caregiver in their house to exhaustion. Nor will I mention how disingenuous it is for Durwood to talk about how important it is for “Sky” to be cared for while he is working after he just shot the breeze with Pete for who knows how long at an offsite coffeeshop on company time. No, I will not mention any of those things, only the positive stuff… the sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, safety, laughter, and skip to-and-fro.

Funny, I thought focusing on the positives would improve this strip. But alas, no such luck…


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24 responses to “And I’m Free… Freeloadin’

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Knowing Batiuk, there’s a good chance Ann just died, and he’s going to spend the next week with two panels of Pete and Darrin goofing off and one panel of her slumped over on the couch. Actually, that’s probably too much effort for Batiuk these days. Still, it’s kind of disappointing because I’m sure it would result in Pete and Darin coming up with new characters, like the Heart Attacker or the Stroker.

  2. billytheskink

    Pete and Durwood are gonna melt down when they find out Ann let “Sky” get ahold of their Superman “dolly”.

  3. That drawing of Ann is one of the worst character depictions I’ve ever seen…and this is a strip that revels in such.

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    “She’s dead, Jim.”

  5. The Dreamer

    Remember this is the *grandson* of St. Lisa…she will be showing up to possess him soon!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, because caring for a disabled stroke victim isn’t quite “energizing” enough for Ann. This “Sky” kid is going to turn out to be a real piece of work, what with the constant upheaval involved with daddy chasing his comic book dreams and riding Pete’s coattails and all.

    That really is a horrific drawing, way too “intense” for the subject matter. An elderly grandma being worn down by an exuberant grandson COULD be funny but an elderly woman collapsing in total exhaustion isn’t and never will be. Seriously, would anyone have really cared if he just already had Jessica and Skyler settled and living with Boy Lisa in Ohio? Why is the continuity important here but nowhere else?

  7. Jimmy

    I’m sure Grandpa Franky isn’t doing much these days. Why not give him a call so little Sky can learn the lunch truck/paparazzi business?

  8. This is probably another sign that if Batiuk had kids, he wasn’t around them much. Taking care of an active toddler shouldn’t exhaust one to the point of what is clearly death by stroke.


  10. bigd1992

    Jessica was smart to stay back in LA shacking up with an entertainment lawyer or dancing on a pole.

  11. If she really has checked out, Ann Fairgood’s is at last in a far better place. Having set aside her dreams to raise two children that aren’t hers (Darin and Fred’s daughter Kerry from his failed first marriage), now she must look after an invalid husband who never really loved her, and a hyperactive, tiny-handed step-grandchild.

    • comicbookharriet

      While Ann’s life has been A Winkerbeanesque misery ride, I think Kerry was raised by her mom alone. On a 2013 archives trip it looks like Ann only contacted her when Fred had a stroke. Also it didn’t seem that their marriage was ‘loveless’ so much as not terribly passionate, and it was Ann saying they never ‘fell’ in love. So possibly poor sick and lovesick Fred has to be cared for by a woman who only married him out of convenience.

      • Point taken re: Kerry, whom Darin didn’t know existed when she popped up on the Fairgood’s doorstep post-Fredpocalypse. I will maintain, however, based on these two strips, that not only did Fred deny Ann his affection, he oppressed and ignored her:

        • comicbookharriet

          A valid interpretation, certainly.

          We are debating the ideas presented by Funky Winkerbean by referencing specific strips in the past of Funky Winkerbean. We are 120% more knowledgeable, involved, and intellectually stimulated by this than the author himself. Is this sad or hilarious?

  12. timbuys

    It’s the lolling tongue that really sells it. Sure, Batiuk has already taken several sh#s on Pam as revenge for… well, I think we all know what. But, again, that last little detail really sells her down the river as a typically feckless maternal figure.

    Wow, I think his writing is actually starting to sincerely get under my skin rather than just provoking some snarky comments.

  13. comicbookharriet

    We’re misinterpreting this. Ann isn’t collapsed in exhaustion…she’s gagging in disgust, probably at some kind of genetically encoded precocious pun. Sky is obviously one insufferable toddler.

  14. countoftowergrove

    Friends, his name isn’t Sky, it’s ‘Skye,’ with British quotation marks!