Tracking the Rand Curdy

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Boy, the folks running the OMEA are damned efficient!  Compare the background of yesterday’s strip to today’s.  They’ve managed to put up a huge number of booths and banners in a matter of seconds!  Yesterday’s box of crap at the far right has been expanded into a nicely arranged table.  Talk about can-do!  Imagine how many band mattresses those guys could sell.  Probably hundreds in just an hour.  Oh, wait–they’d have to sell them in Westview, wouldn’t they.  Well, they could probably sell at least one, right?  And maybe come back alive, most of them?  Sorry for sending you guys into that city–and I already knew it was infested with zombies, too.  My bad, guys.  Oops.  Won’t happen again, you have my word.

On the other hand, this conference has been going on for several days, and they’re only just now getting around to setting up these booths.  (Perhaps one of these booths was the one that had pizza!  Mystery solved.)  Okay, so…they’re very efficient once they start, but also lazy and unmotivated to start on their own.  Well, no one will ever fault this strip for being too consistent.

As for this stupid app, weren’t they championing something similar a few years ago that could keep track of trombone sections?  Yesterday they were dismissive of this thing, but throw in candy sales and their eyes goggle.  Becky even gets to shove her pinned sleeve into frame, she’s so excited.

*Shrug.*  As mentioned, no one will ever fault this strip for being too consistent.  “Hey, Batiuk, loosen up!  You don’t have to remember all the details, like things that have already happened, last names, and stuff like that.  It makes you look like a beady-eyed nitpicker.  You don’t want to look like a beady-eyed nitpicker, do you?  No one gives awards for that.”


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17 responses to “Tracking the Rand Curdy

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Oh ho ho! Band candy! I did not see this twist coming! Bravo!
    At this point, what’s keeping Batiuk from making this strip just one Xeroxed panel of Les smirking and just alternating between saying “The Flash!”, “Comic books!”, “Band candy!” and “Old timey!”. Because it sure can’t be artistic integrity.

  2. Well, I was wrong. BandTrackers®️™️ CAN be used to creepily monitor kids slinging band turkeys/candy/mattresses out in the polar vortex!

    “Maximum positioning and coverage”…wouldn’t they just sell in their neighborhoods? Starting with the closest neighbor and working outward, and avoiding the people who didn’t buy anything last year? Wouldn’t that guarantee maximum positioning and coverage?

    But, as stated above, consistency is the hobgoblin of beady-eyed nitpickers.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    The weird thing about this is how BatNard seemingly had a new idea out of nowhere right in the middle of the arc, which makes you wonder why he wasted three days on aimless chatter…whoops. I almost forgot. Never mind.

    Coming next week: chaos ensues as Wally introduces a Montoni’s breakfast pizza app that’s also a comic book character generator, thereby rendering Darin even more useless.

  4. billytheskink

    “GPS smart pad” is a term only slightly more likely to be used by an electronics salesman than “UNIVAC coat rack”.

    What is interesting in this strip is what is going on over the shoulders of these two shmucks. Just over Dinkle’s right shoulder is the president of the northern Ohio chapter of the Davy Crockett fan club while Lefty’s right shoulder covers a transaction between a rude boy and Pete’s old traveling green shirt.

  5. Paul Jones

    He never did see people when he looked at his charges. All he saw were drones built to glorify him by selling bad candy in his name.

  6. Saturnino

    “Imagine how many band mattresses those guys could sell. ”

    They could market them for people who want to die in their beds.

    Then next year they could sell cremation services and urns.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    As awkward as this strip is, Karen Moy wins the award this week. She has some serious issues. Poor Ian, he’s gonna be MeToo’d.

  8. Scott Lovrine

    Does anybody else see “Band Crackers” written on the sign behind the display table?

  9. Gerard Plourde

    A small detail intoday’s panel made me realize I’ve been as clueless as TomBa regarding Becky’s missing arm. Something about the jacket and pinned up sleeve made me think about the full range of activities that loss of an arm at the shoulder would affect. Far more than her Juilliard attendance would have been out the window. Her life would have radically changed. The accident occurred around twenty years ago, before microprocessor technology could be employed in prosthetics. Even assuming that she’s right-handed, the total loss of her left arm would require major rehabilitation so that she could learn how to function, from simple things like shopping (ever try to control a shopping cart with one hand?), using a telephone, writing a note (how do you keep the paper from moving around as you write/), making dinner, up to complex tasks like driving a car. None of this is even hinted at because, as a two-dimensional character, TomBa has never had to consider what a real three-dimensional Becky’s life would actually be like.

    • gleeb

      Nah, she probably just got a magical instant-healing dog and everything was automatically better.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I always wondered how she could conduct and turn the pages of her score. Maybe Bernie is her page turner?

    • Epicus Doomus

      Lest we forget, Becky was the captain of the WHS juggling team and president of the semaphore club as well. Sure, I’ve used those gags before and I’ll stop using them as soon as they stop being funny.