Sigh Noon

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“The girls” are like twenty-five now and should, you know, have jobs and stuff by this point. They obviously (still) have no social lives to speak of so why they need to sleep til noon is anyone’s guess. The whole thing is sort of creepy if you ask me, mostly due to BatJerk’s bizarre “suspended animation”-type character arcs where characters remain in a sort of stasis for years and even decades at a time. He can’t bang out a Sunday “college graduation” strip followed by a two week arc where Summer gets hired as Montoni’s official pizza athletic director (with sidekick) or something? WHS is still short a gym teacher, you know.

Anyhow, get a load of Beardo and his stupid sweatshirt, standing there all smug and mute. I just want to stuff him down a chimney with no care at all then light an enormous fire. What a dick.


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24 responses to “Sigh Noon

  1. In tonight’s episode, the part of “Les Moore” will be played by Billy Barty.

  2. comicbookharriet

    They’re going to sleep in as long as they can. Anything to avoid having to spend waking hours with you smug mutha fukkas.

  3. CRM114

    Normal 25 year olds certainly will be up by noon…unless…there is something else…way more important and….giving much more carnal pleasure… involved. “Gee, the girls sure were noisy last night; probably another pillow fight. Ha. Oh, these kids today!”

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Look at Les’s expression in the second panel. You just know he’s thinking to himself “I did not ask Secondary Wife what she’s doing. Why is she telling me? She must have forgotten our arrangement. Another child left behind . . .”

  5. Charles

    He can’t bang out a Sunday “college graduation” strip followed by a two week arc where Summer gets hired as Montoni’s official pizza athletic director (with sidekick) or something?

    I don’t think Batiuk really has it in him to come up with any sequences that affect the status quo in significant ways except when it’s transparent status-grasping like “Bull eats some pavement and everyone’s sad but especially Linda”. When it’s not a development that the New York Times might write about, it’s not going to happen. I mean, Batiuk has to devote at least SOME time to “Crazy doesn’t like the suggested playlist iTunes gave him” or “Crazy likes to sit in particular seats at the movie theater” or “Mort wants to nail Holly’s mom in Cory’s old bedroom”. Looking at that, you can easily see why stories about Summer’s significant achievements would fall to the wayside.

    Which is weird, because Summer graduating from college would be a perfect opportunity to shoehorn the damnable Lisa into one more sequence.

  6. William Thompson

    Let them sleep. Why wake up to a living nightmare when you can sleep through your own mundane night-terrors?

  7. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “It’s amazing they can sleep at all with all those squeaky bed noises coming from their room! And that loud humming noise…”

  8. Paul Jones

    Like i said, Batiuk has no clue how to work them into the strip and even less interest in doing so. I think this is why the Time Frog happened: he didn’t want to show Summer growing up without a mom because he had no idea how to write it.

  9. Banana Jr. 6000

    I guess Les helping with the Christmas decorations is too radical to even suggest. But he loves his family.

    • Count of Tower Grove

      No doubt Caucayla would enjoy being told by Less to hang the ornaments just so, because that’s how Lisa did it.

  10. Professor Fate

    Ha Ha. Young people sure sleep late don’t they. Ha. Ha.
    Lord not only was this mailed in, this is postage due.

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Young Lad Summer and Markreeshia come staggering downstairs, arm in arm, about 1 pm in their underwear – either high or drunk off their asses.

    “Yo… yo, Les, man! How ‘bout some BEANS!”

    “Umm, coffee beans?”

    “No, man… LEZ beans.” They kiss sloppily.

    “Hmmff. I guess some children WERE left behind. At least now I know what you’ve been doing over the last eight years. Did you ever graduate from K*nt State?”

    “No, bio-dad. We dropped out after we got cut from the girls ladies women’s basketball team.”

    “Sheeeeeeeeeeit. Took us five years just to pull all the splinters out our ass from ridin’ the pine. What kinda jive ass muthafucka go to a messed up school like that in the FIRST place… And that’s a fine sweatshirt you got on there, Mister Les!”

  12. The thing is, if Summer and Keisha wanted to decorate the tree, if this was important to them, then they’d be awake before the adults so they could begin. This tells me it’s the adults who find this meaningful…or at least Cayla.

    • William Thompson

      It’s meaningful to Les, too. He can’t check out his presents until they’re placed under a properly-decorated tree.

  13. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “So kiddo, how are you feeling? Karalammageeshwana told me you had an appendectomy!”

    “Daaaaaad… her name is Karmeeshia. You should know that by now.”

    “Yeah, you goatee face cracka boy. And clean out yo’ ears, son. I told you she got a ADD-A-DICK-TO-ME. ‘Bout dam time too! Been sayin’ all along. If she gonna look like a man, she might as well have a willie thompson swingin’ between her legs, knowmsayin’?”

    “Cayla, are you just going to sit there and let YOUR daughter talk to me like that??”

    “Sorry, ‘Spanky’, I have no more lines today.”

  14. Looks like Tom Batiuk himself paid us a visit!