I Know What You Ate Last, Summer

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Did Thomas T. BatBore just suddenly forget that Summer is twenty-five years old? If he wanted to do childish Summer gags he shouldn’t have skipped over her childhood. But he did and it’s way too f*cking late now. Whether it’s intentional (ha) or not, Summer is suddenly the biggest loser in the strip. Totally rudderless, sleeping til noon, shoveling candy into her face like some sort of dimwitted feral cave-dweller…Bull Bushka donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of physical therapy for THIS? He really DID die in vain.

Consider this: at one time Summer and Cory were at the forefront of the (then) new Act III generation. Summer was the twee goody-two-shoes with a side of grit and a hell of a jump shot, while Cory was the slacker sleazebag with the bad attitude and the haircut to match. Summer was going places, Cory was going to prison. But now, only (sigh) seven short years later, Cory is a ramrod-straight soon-to-be-wed decorated Army veteran with strong ties to both the comic book and pizza industries, while Summer is an immature lazy slob with immense student loan debt and a dad who keeps writing the same book about her dead mom over and over. It just goes to show you how little high school really matters, even in a comic strip where it means absolutely everything.


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27 responses to “I Know What You Ate Last, Summer

  1. comicbookharriet

    Cory’s been ‘soon-to-be-wed’ almost as long as Summer’s been in college.
    Given Summer’s sleeping and eating habits, as well as her wide-eyed, non-verbal, countenance, I’d say she’s tweaking out of her mind.

    • Epicus Doomus

      This might have been “adorable” if Summer was six or seven years old, but she isn’t, which makes it more disturbing and troubling than anything else. Twee-ness doesn’t play as well once one enters adulthood, I mean she’s a twenty-five year old college double senior, not Dennis The Menace.

      This all just reminds me about how much I used to HATE Summer back in early Act III. HATE. Only Les was more objectionable. I hated her aforementioned twee-ness, I hated her “Lisa-esque” qualities, I hated how she was supposed to be the humorously ironic Anti-Les (popular well-liked jock), I hated her hoodie, I hated her hair and most of all I hated the grit. And the two of them together were just apocalyptically bad, sheer nightmare fuel. And when he would toss Ghost Lisa into the mix…(shudder).

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I’ve said it before: if Westview really existed, it would have a massive youth srug problem. Instead it just looks like Summer’s into coprophilia. Lovely image to start the day with.

      • Count of Tower Grove

        Indeed. And it’s no surprise, but disappointing that after a week’s anticipation of Caucayla’s menacing sneer on the splash panel, all we get is her coprophagic grin.

  2. You know what’s odd? After years of us saying Cayla is a background character, suddenly she has ALL the lines for the last three days. Even Les, in his midget appearance yesterday, didn’t get to say anything.

    Do you suppose that’s why Batiuk rage-stroked and down-voted all of us?

    • Epicus Doomus

      I honestly do hope he realizes it’s nothing personal, it’s just the overwhelming shittiness of his comic strip. I mean I know the other one blows too but I’ll be damned if I ever start seriously reading that thing. I’m sure that in “real life” he’s a nice amiable fellow but unfortunately for him it doesn’t make FW any less stupid or inexplicable. I wish he’d do a Q & A with us but I just don’t see it happening.

      • billytheskink

        For me it isn’t that the strip is awful so much as it is that TB has, for decades now, acted as if FW is important because it is tackles “serious” issues… in an utterly awful way. If the strip was just awful, I’d check in on it occasionally at joshreads. It is the self-seriousness of this whole endeavor that makes it worthy of daily snark. TB wants the strip (and by extension himself) to be meaningful so much more than he wants it to be good and that really really shows.

        • Epicus Doomus

          All true. For all I know he’s the nicest guy in the world but yes, his fanciful version of FW (and that other one he does) exists only in his (and his publicist’s) mind. A “thoughtful, timely, reality-based” premise does not equal a thoughtful, timely, reality-based story, especially when it’s all filler, predictable tropes, plodding tripe and cheap shock value gimmickry with weak and often non-existent resolutions. His puff-piece interview vision of what he says this is doesn’t match what I’ve been reading for all those years and the only conclusion I can reach is either that he really is that obtuse or he really is that disingenuous. I’m still not sure which is true, though. I usually lean toward “big fat ruse” but I do waver on that at times.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I note that Cayla has been granted the rare Power To Smirk At Their Own Wordplay, a privilege normally reserved only for strip
      heavyweights like Les Moore and Funky Winkerbean himself. Is she getting a chsracter promotion?

      • spacemanspiff85

        I think it’s far more likely she dies. Then Les can get remarried again, this time to a man, and Batiuk can do another prestigious interview.

  3. William Thompson

    So that Machiavellian sneer which graces this week’s SoSF banner . . . an expression which hints at treachery, duplicity, and the possibility that Cayla has a personality after all . . . is just a drama queen scolding her stepdaughter? Is it any wonder that the Brothers Grimm rewrote all those German folktales to replace evil mothers with evil stepmothers?

  4. billytheskink

    Brilliant plan: take candy out of your stocking before you are supposed to and then stand next the stocking shoving it into your mouth. No chance of getting caught, it’s foolproof!

  5. Doghouse Reilly

    Who on Earth puts meltable chocolate in a stocking next to a fireplace at least six days before Christmas? And what young adult cannot take a piece of said chocolate out of said stocking and into their mouth without looking like one of the “Family Circus” melonheads?

    • Epicus Doomus

      This never occurred to me but yes, this seems, uh, really untenable, let’s say. Really stupid, too.

      “Family Circus” melonhead…LOL. Imagine walking in on your adult daughter as she moronically eats chocolate like a toddler. It’d be downright alarming, unless maybe she was drunk or something.

  6. Paul Jones

    Would it surprise you to learn that Baituk cares less about how disturbing the implications of this strip are than he does about his non-existent cleverness?

  7. Count of Tower Grove

    A mess! A chocolate mess! M & M’s melt in your mouth, not in your hands!

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “No, Not-Lisa, I haven’t had any candy yet. I got this brown smear from your daughter’s crotch. What do you think we were doing up there all morning? Sleeping? Reading komix?? Now step off, or I’ll show my dad those pics of Princ’pal Nate plowing you in the boiler room.”

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      “Momma, wuffo yo dissin ma gurl?”

      “Now, Karmeesha, calm down…”

      “Lookie here, woman, mah gurl want sum chocolate, mah gurl git sum chocolate, ya feel me?”

      “You really don’t have to stand so close to…”

      “Shuddup, yo June Cleaver lookin’ socca mom beeyotch! Y’all take dat tone wif yo lily white whitest white man cracka boy, but git up outta mah gurl’s grill, ya heard?? C’mon Summa. We gittin outta here.. FO ANUTHA EIGHT YEARS!”

      There. That’s something you can downvote. 🤪😝😛😜🤪😝

  9. Banana Jr. 6000

    “I know what you ate last, Summer” is a great article title. That is all.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Thanks, Banana. The titles are the toughest part IMO, especially when BatYap gives you zilch to work with.

  10. Professor Fate

    Pathetic just pathetic. I suppose he was trying for endearing but missed by a kilometer or two. ugh.

  11. spacemanspiff85

    I think Batiuk meant this to be Les in today’s strip, and then either or someone else realized that having an adult male berate his 26 year old daughter about eating too much candy was too weird and gross even for him. So then he looked in his notes to find the name of Les’s replacement wife and put her in Les’s place.

      • William Thompson

        Sketches. Stick-figures with knives and arrows stuck in them, Xs for eyes and “Cayla–bad!” printed in crayon with two letters backward.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      A lot of things do seem to get changed at the last minute in this strip. This strip seems like Cayla is a last-minute replacement for Les. Other cases have too much or too little word balloon space, indicating a rewrite

  12. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Somebody’s got the munchies!