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Link To Today’s StripAnd my super-sized guest host stint finally comes to a merciful end. What a garbage dump THAT was. There’s a good reason why we typically do two weeks at a time…simple human endurance. Stay tuned as billytheskink takes over for the first brand new story arc of 2020!


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29 responses to “Wayhack Windbag

  1. Like a garbage truck accidentally spilling garbage on your lawn, “Hey it could have been worse!”

  2. William Thompson

    Make my eyes happy? All this does is remind them of every onion I’ve ever chopped up.

  3. William Thompson

    This makes me wish Rubella really were an old-line Stalinist, and not some avant-garde dweeb. Not only was their propaganda art better-done than this, but she would have been tossed into Lyubyanka prison for this. And didn’t we see this genius cover earlier?

    • Saturnino

      and she would have gotten her nine grams……………

    • Professor Fate

      Yes I’m pretty sure we e seen this before in as part of a daily strip. Which if true brings a whole new level of phoning it in to this strip. I mean gloming comic book cover art off of other artists (and I hope they were paid for this) is questionable enough. But to use the art work twice? A new low

    • I think it first showed up in Batiuk’s blog.

      • Gerard Plourde

        You’re right. It appeared in his blog as part of The Pipeline in January 2019.

        Posted this as a reply to Professor Fate by mistake.

  4. Doghouse Reilly

    You know, it’s just too darn bad there are absolutely, definitely no female artists in the entire field of comic books who could have been approached to do the fictitious debut cover of a series written and drawn by women.

    • William Thompson

      “Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to March 1972!
      “Gosh, Mr. Peabody, where are we going?”
      “We are going to prevent Funky Winkerbean.”
      “How will we do that?”
      “By showing this cover to Jay Ward and getting a permanent restraining order against Tom Batiuk.”

    • CRM114

      Oh, I don’t know. I prefer to think there were a number of female artists who had self respect and didn’t want to be involved with this grunge. “I had a call from that Tom B guy. He actually wanted me to craft something for that stupid strip of his. I told him to take a flying….”

  5. Banana Jr. 6000

    Hey, TFHackett, your September 7 prediction was right after all:

    Picture the “Funky Winkerbean” header at the top, with Ruby’s or Mindy’s smug, disembodied head alongside the logo. Superimpose “Wayback Wendy” in huge, distorted digital type, across the top of the cover, and don’t forget the Atomik Komix “fallout shelter” in the upper left. At the bottom, throw in a single, round panel showing Mindy and Ruby congratulating each other on the success of their brilliant joint production. Lastly, give a “tip of the Funky Felt Tip” to the artist (not a woman) who contributed the artwork.

    Other than the smug, disembodied head being Wayback Wendy, that is spot on.

  6. Well, uh … I’d give that book a look, at least. But I’m the guy who’s decided that the only comic books I feel excited by were made by Harvey Comics in the 60s and 70s, and this is very much “that plus with Photoshop effects”. So Atomik Komix has got a book that I would look at unironically.

    • billytheskink

      I’d by a Harvey-Atomik crossover book where Little Lotta tosses Wayback Wendy into the next county.

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      My wife tasted some beer I made and paid me a very high compliment when she said, “I don’t hate this as much as the other shit you’ve made.”

      That’s how I feel about this cover.

  7. spacemanspiff85

    Wait, so Batiuk is actually aware that one of the main purposes of creative work should be to inspire happiness? There goes ignorance as a defense for the garbage he puts out.

    • William Thompson

      It only makes the eyes happy. Eyes are mean bastards who enjoy staring at train wrecks, natural disasters and Funky Winkerbean, which lets them torment the rest of the body. Eventually they get gouged out in retribution, and the misery increases again. Batiuk is playing the long game here.

      • spacemanspiff85

        Look at how everyone is drawn in this strip. All the women except for the ones who are supposed to be “young and hot” look like Funky with a bad wig. The art highlights things like Les’s perpetually gray hair and Becky’s pinned up sleeve. Everyone looks 20 years older than they actually are. This strip makes nobody’s eyes happy.

  8. Paul Jones

    What will make my eyes happy is when Jay Ward’s heirs and assigns tag in their mighty friend, Legalman. It doesn’t matter that Mindy is too stupid to remember that she’s lifted Mr Peabody and Sherman clean so she has no kick coming when she’s sued back to a ball of dirt.

  9. comicbookharriet

    From what I remember, Ruby’s editors were all evil women haters who deserved to be poisoned with India Ink. Weird that she’s taking their advice now.

  10. Hannibal’s Lectern

    I’ve pulled the handle twice, but this collection of turds just spins around in the bowl. Anybody got a plunger?

  11. Gerard Plourde

    The sad thing about this is not that the concept depicted draws directly from the classic adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, but that what could have been an interesting story about collaborative effort in the creative process plays itself out was never developed. Because the characters have no depth, there is no way an attempt could be made to show how they interact in any situation. As an example, Mindy’s request for input regarding her story and her reaction to suggestions is a situation that could (and I would argue should) be told over several weeks. Instead, the whole process is brushed off in about four panels that don’t reveal anything. The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is not true in this context.

    Once again, TomBa’s slapdash approach to his work is on display.

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Skunkhead and Beardo get a look at this “book.”

    “Humpfff… A book BY dumb ol’ gorls FOR dumb ol’ gorls!”

    “How about a teenage boy named Back Room Bobby who visits the bath houses of Ancient Rome?”

    “You had me at ‘teenage,’ Harry!”


    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      “Dearest Tommy, these book covers are awesome! And you are never sexier than when you turn it sideways!”

      “Ayrhead, my big, sweet love bear, you are a treasure. Let’s celebrate my coming Pulitzer with a Peenee Fist Bump. Ba-TAAA!”

      “And… Ba-TAAA! I challenge thee to a sword fight! Oooh! Yesss!”

      “Eeeeeeee! I am the finest swordsman in all of Ohio! Ba-TAAAAA!”


      “Nuthin’, maw!! Me an’ Chunky are havin’ a sword fight!”


      “No, maw!!! Our pants are down!!! Leave ‘em outside the door!!”

      “Wanna play choochoo, Tommy, my sweetest?”