Ugh. You just know Batiuk indulged in an epic smirk after writing this one. Especially distasteful is how it carries on the long tradition of someone pointing that a joke is supposed to be funny. And you actually have someone physically pointing at the joke.
In unrelated news, Becky’s head has fallen off and been reattached at a terrible angle.


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24 responses to “App-alling

  1. billytheskink

    These two are entirely too close together considering that the hallway is very much uncluttered.

    I kind of admire the exhibitor who showed up with a booth labeled “Music”, though. With all of these asininely specific signs, I’ve become (please help me!) curious about what’s going anywhere else.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “You know how “aptitude” starts with “ap”? Well, I thought it’d be very funny if…”

    “OK Tom, that’s enough. Let’s get a low-alcohol craft beer in you and straight to bed.”

  3. ian;sdrunkenbeard

    What a kick in the app!

  4. Doghouse Reilly

    I would attend that session, if only for the free app-etizers. Maybe it’s catered by App-lebee’s. Maybe they’re giving away a free trip to the App-alachian Mountains, or App-omattox Battlefield. My last time there I was stricken with app-endicitis. It left me a little app-rehensive. Ha, ha, ha,ha…someone kill me now, please.
    Also, has the guy in the golf cart not moved since Monday’s strip?

    • Count of Those Grove

      The guy in the golf cart has kept his eye on Dinkle all week. Time for him to move on to his other full time minimum wage jobs.

      • Buckeye Feculence

        The guy on the cart is trying to run Dinkle over but the old has-been keeps moving around looking for “precious” session titles. (And who in this century uses a term like “precious” in such a context?)

  5. comicbookharriet

    I would like to draw everyone’s attention back to Wednesday, where the session title was, “Cultivating the Music of Claude Barlow…or How Deep Should It be Buried?”

    Today’s sign has completely acceptable wordplay for a session at a dumb convention. I’ve been to conventions that range from FFA to Transformers to Lutheran Youth…this bit of anemic punning wouldn’t even get a second glance.

    Tom fails and jokes, and fails at continuity, yet again.

  6. Paul Jones

    And so we burn away another week watching unlikable people ding something mindlessly boring.

  7. Banana Jr. 6000

    This “funny” seminar is so uncreative, it’s actually a real thing:

  8. William Thompson

    Batiuk tries to make an appt comment but creates appathy.

  9. William Thompson

    Who or what is that creature in the SoSF banner? Is it the avant-garde gallery owner Connie Sewer? Has she exhumed another forgotten genius like Rubella Lith? Is it time to suffer through Dullard’s prize display at her storefront exhibit? Or is that another creature who Batiuk conjured up to heap unearned praise on his obsessions?

  10. Professor Fate

    No. Moving on now.
    You know he mentally ran the bases when he came up with this.

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    Becky has a clasp earring. This hides the thread that draws the “naturalistic” grin of a corpse on display. It’s an old mortician’s trick. Need to work on sewing the eyes shut, though.

  12. Today’s strip was app-alling.

  13. KMD

    With that small neck and oversized suit, Becky clearly decided to honor David Byrne at this convention.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Not to mention Dinkle’s oversized head floating neckless over his disproportionate body.

    • Charles

      It’s as if she jammed one of those umpire chest protectors from the 70s down her shirt. Or she walks around wearing a sofa cushion. Maybe it helps her pin the sleeves up and keep them in place. You know Gross John doesn’t help.

  14. Jimmy

    This reminds me of the Marvin strips where someone is banging on a keyboard. It’s K-Mart style Jack Handy.

  15. Gerard Plourde

    The Sunday strip continues the OMEA arc with an entry that is simultaneously dumb and inexplicable. Do attendees at the convention really appear in costume to enact lame puns?