Before It’s Earned, Our Money’s All Been Spent

Well, if the “nice-sized” check wasn’t meant for Darin, then he and Jessica will have to settle for a check that is merely “nice.” Doesn’t matter anyway, since Darin immediately cops to having blown at least that amount on some other artists’ work. Tune in tomorrow when Chester turns to Darin and snatches the check from his hand. As commenter “Doghouse Reilly” reminded us on Wednesday, the artwork that Ruby sold was “commissioned recreations,” not her original work which her chauvinist pig bosses did not allow her to keep. Come to think of it, if they were commissioned, then by whom? What’s she doing selling them? Anyway, unless Darin sold off some old “Sophomoric Sightings” strips, any comic art that he’s produced was done as an employee of Atomik Komix, so he’s already received his reward.


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23 responses to “Before It’s Earned, Our Money’s All Been Spent

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Uh yeah, sure “Kitsch”. A check for what, exactly? He didn’t do any “artwork” before he started working at AK and I’m pretty sure his AK artwork belongs to AK, so what’s the check for? Who the hell knows? I doubt even Batiuk does, as he’s clearly just making this stupid shit up as he goes along.

    • Doghouse Reilly

      I hate being in the position of defending anything Battyuk does, but for the last three decades or so in the comic book industry the creators (pencillers, inkers, colorists, and sometimes even writers) have usually been getting their original art back, thanks in part to the efforts of Jack Kirby, Neal Adams and other artists. This is particularly true in the case of the independent (non-DC or Marvel) publishers, who usually retain reprint rights.

      • comicbookharriet

        Yup. Seconding this. Comic creators are now usually allowed to both keep and sell their artwork. I’ve been to conventions where I could have bought both copies or even the original pages.

  2. William Thompson

    Where did Batiuk find the business model for Atomik Komix? Three Stooges reruns? “Our Gang/Little Rascals” shorts? Mickey Rooney seeing an empty barn and telling Judy Garland “Hey, let’s put on a show!”?

  3. Jimmy

    I can almost relate to Darin and Jessica here. We recently relocated. I moved before the rest of my family, and we had to stay in a hotel because our closing date on the new house got pushed back at the last minute. So, we were in a state of suspended animation for longer than six months.

    It seemed like nothing could advance in our lives until we were settled in our new location; it was hell, especially on the children.

    I guess I’m a bit empathetic imagining these two remaining encased in amber. Except they don’t give a shit about their kid, so screw em.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Another thing: Boy Lisa and Jessica are perpetually “young kids just starting out”, yet Boy Lisa has lots of disposable income to blow on comic book junk. So which one is it? Or is Boy Lisa just a giant selfish dick? They can’t be “struggling” AND spending a minor fortune on comic book art.

  4. So, just a couple of days after lamenting that they’ll never be able to afford college for their child, Dullard reveals that he has spent his wages on buying comic book art. And people wonder why we find these characters so loathsome. I would applaud Jessica’s scowl in the last panel, but she brought this on herself.

  5. William Thompson

    Comic book art! Yes! Yes! The ultimate investment! Its appeal can only grow as the years pass! Forget da Vinci, Praxiteles, Lascaux Cave, this is where the glory lies! It endures forever, just like it did after the last comic-book bubble burst and prices tumbled.

    • Doghouse Reilly

      Not to toot my own horn, William (yeah, I originally posted this in CK but took it down), but in 1981 I purchased the black-and-white cover art to a 1966 issue of “Justice League of America” for $150. In 2006 I sold the artwork for $20,000. Comic book prices themselves took some steep tumbles in the 1990s and 2000s thanks to an over-saturated market and over-reliance of gimmick covers and event series, but the original comic art is a one-of-a-kind investment.
      Incidentally, thanks for the kind mention in today’s write-up, @tfhackett. It warms a grizzled old Silver Age comic fanboy’s heart.

  6. Banana Jr. 6000

    Oh goody, Darin gets a consolation prize. Because nothing bad can ever happen to these two, like another person getting paid for work they did. Maybe now Skyler can afford to go to junior college at least. And I love how shamelessly Jessica leans in to view the amount. She’s not a gold-digger, nosireebob. But oops! Darin spent all his bonus money on comic book art! Waah waah waaaaaaaaah. What was the goddam point of this anyway?

  7. billytheskink

    I interpret this as Durwood having had to pay someone to do his work for him… not much of a stretch, right? He’s explicitly both lazy and a bad artist. Now he’s trapped in a cycle of kiting checks from bank to bank just to pay his ghost artist and the pittance he just received from the Dibbs Gallery for some of “his” Atomik Komix work is going straight to that fellow.

  8. Paul Jones

    Congratulations, Jessica. You’ve married American Mike Patterson. He’ll be buying super-complex lattes and bribing car park attendants in no time.

  9. Charles

    Assuming against all evidence that Batiuk knows what he’s doing here, I’m going to conclude that the Fairgoods are doing fine financially. He’s too glib otherwise, especially in front of his wife who’s now disappointed that they didn’t get the windfall that she thought they were getting. If she was thinking this thing would get them out from under a crippling debt, Darin’s whole mien is disgusting.

    Even so, you’d think this was the sort of thing they’d have conflicts over.

    • Count of Tower Grove

      They resolve their differences during ice cream dates via Skype.

      • William Thompson

        They’ll resolve their differences when the artist enters the scene, turns out to be a long-forgotten/unjustly-ignored genius, and (insert hand-waving argument) the art suddenly increasesin value by eleventy-twelve bazillion percent. Plus he joins the Atomik Komix bullspit hen and adds to their fame.

  10. Count of Tower Grove

    Kitch Enade’s smirk suggests she’s eavesdropping on Durward and Jerky and is delighted to be a shit disturber.

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “You bought ‘art’ at the gallery? You never brought it home. I’d know – our apartment is smaller than a shoebox. Where is it??”

    “I already donated it to Lisa’s Larceny. They sold it on FleaBay for $20,000!”

    “I smilingly approve of your decision. Well, at least we have this check…”

    “Oh, about that…”

  12. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Uh oh! Well, so much for “Take your favorite guy to lunch day.”